Are You Washing Your Face Wrong?! (7 Mistakes We All Make!)

Are You Washing Your Face Wrong?! (7 Mistakes We All Make!)
Washing your face seems like the easiest step in your skincare routine. As long as you do it twice a day, what can really go wrong? Well, quite a few things actually. If your skin isn’t as perfect as you would like and seems a bit oily/dry/dull, your cleansing habits could be to blame. Here are some common face-washing mistakes you didn’t even know you were making. A few simple tweaks can help kiss those skin woes goodbye.  

Mistake #1 – Not Washing Your Hands First

You may not find it necessary to wash your hands first, after all the cleanser can do that while you apply it with your fingers. Well, that’s smart but wrong. Just think of everything your hands touch through the day – all the dirt, oil, grime, would you really want that on your face? Be safe and wash your hands with soap before you start cleansing your face.

Mistake #2 – Applying It All Wrong!

face-washing mistakes

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No, slapping a bit onto your face and then rinsing it off isn’t the right way to do it. A cleansing lotion should go on dry skin. Rub it in for a few seconds. You can wet your fingertips to help emulsify it before washing it off. On the other hand, foam and gel-based cleanser should be applied onto wet skin. Cleansers for acne-prone skin need to sit on the skin for a minute to help the ingredients fight acne-causing bacteria, before washing off.

Mistake #3 – Using The Wrong Cleanser For Your Skin

What type of cleanser you use could make or break your skincare routine. With so many options out there, it’s normal to get confused and not pick the perfect one for you. Remember the general rule of thumb is to use a creamy, hydrating cleanser for normal to dry skin, and a gel or foaming one for oily and combination skin. A safe bet is a sulfate-free cleanser (which won’t be harsh on the skin) that works with all skin types. A foaming cleanser should be slightly frothy - if it gets super-lathered and foamy, that means it’s very harsh for your skin.

Mistake #4 – Not Taking Your Makeup Off First

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You may not make removing your makeup a separate step and feel like cleansing should do it all. Well, your makeup comes in the way of your cleanser cleaning and unclogging pores – it’s basically a breakout about to happen! It’s always wiser to take off your makeup first with a face wipe or any essential oil, even baby oil works well. Follow it up with cleansing your face well.

Mistake # 5 – Too Much Heat

You may prefer to crank up the temperature but too-hot water can burst capillaries, causing redness and aggravating acne. It can also mess with the natural pH balance of the skin and lead to dryness or excess oil production. Be on the safe side and stick to lukewarm, if not cool water, to avoid blotchiness and other issues.

Mistake # 6 -  The Rub-A-Dub-Dub

face-washing mistakes

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We’re all guilty of rubbing our face with a towel after cleansing. This is a big no-no! Pat dry instead of rubbing to avoid inflammation and redness. In fact, you can avoid using a towel on your face altogether, and use a soft washcloth or even a tissue instead.

Mistake # 7 – Not Following It Up With Moisturizer

Cleansing and moisturizing go hand in hand. You need to lock in the moisture while your skin is damp. Don’t give it a chance to dry completely. When your skin is damp, it seals in the moisture, making it more effective and maximizing the effect of the ingredients. This gives you healthier, softer skin.

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