How To Make Fancy Makeup At Home Using Old Makeup!

How To Make Fancy Makeup At Home Using Old Makeup!
Who said you have to spend so much money on lipsticks, eyeliners or blush, when you can make them at home with the help of your old makeup stuff, lying around unused? Just follow these few steps to make your makeup at home!

What You Will Need: Almond oil, black eyeshadow, Vaseline, spatula, small bowls and containers, an old eyeshadow or blush, an old foundation, an old lipstick (preferably pink)

Difficulty Level: As easy as smiling!

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1. Making A Gel Eyeliner

Make your own gel eyeliner by using a spatula and some old black eyeshadow. Start by scraping some of the black eyeshadow into a small bowl. Now take the help of Vaseline and mix it with the eyeshadow well to achieve some consistency. Add a drop or two of almond oil and stir it well to smoothen the texture. You will need a small container to contain the mixture. You now have your own gel eyeliner.

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2. Matte Lipstick

You will need a small bowl. Start scraping the old blush into the small bowl. With the help of the spatula, make sure your blush has now turned into a fine powder and there are no lumps in it. To give it a matte texture add some matte foundation into your mixture. To make your lipstick less dry, add few drops of almond oil into the mixture.

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3. Cream Blush

Take out any lipstick you don’t use anymore, and would want to turn into a blush. The next thing you have to do is to take a small bowl and scrape the lipstick into the bowl. Heating it in the microwave for 10 seconds will help you get a paste of the lipstick. To bring a creamier consistency add a drop or two of almond oil into your paste. So now your DIY cream blush is ready to apply.

These are a few quick and easy steps to follow to make your own makeup!

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