9 ‘Desi Girl’ Problems We’ve ALL Faced At Home!!

9 ‘Desi Girl’ Problems We’ve ALL Faced At Home!!
Every 20-something girl faces a few problems in her life, but when you’re a desi girl (just like us!) you deal with a whole bunch of troubles that are unique only to your life. Here are 10 problems every desi girl has faced at home...

1. Wearing crop tops is not always acceptable… except, maybe, as a saree blouse!

‘Coz it’s okay to bare your torso under the many folds of your saree - but it’s almost scandalous if your top fails to cover your entire tummy if you’re wearing jeans!

desi girl problems

2. Your boyfriend has to drop you a mile away from your place to escape being noticed by the neighbours!

Forget cute goodbye kisses - we’re in such a hurry to avoid being detected inside a car with a boy that we barely wait for him to stop the car before jumping off. Uff!

3. You save your boyfriend’s name under your besties name on your phone!

‘Coz, well, your personal phone is also family property that anyone may ask for at any given time!

3 desi girl problems

4. Your parents tend to overreact if a random guy is simply being friendly with you at a party!

And you have to go through the process of repeating the exact conversation you had with him, word for word! And despite all this, the poor guy continues to be on their radar!

5. You dread your twenty-third birthday…

‘Coz now that you are done with your basic education, everyone suddenly finds you eligible for marriage! AND they keep trying to set you up with *good* guys.

5 desi girl problems

6. Wearing “sexy” necklines is not an option...unless you cover it up with a scarf!

There’s just no flaunting what a bombshell you really are. #FML

7.  You have to be nice to all those auntyjis who are much more concerned about your life than their own!

If only their concerns wouldn’t sound like tutorial sessions on how to be the perfect “Indian girl” - you might not try so hard to run away from them!

desi girl problems

8. Forget night-outs or stay-overs to spend time with your boyfriend - you have to live with little intimate moments in a car or a movie theatre!

And if you even catch a whiff of some relative lurking nearby, you go into hiding! You don’t wanna be the fodder for family gossip, after all!

9. You find it hard to explain the money you spent on a bikini wax and lacy thongs to your mom!

‘Coz she really doesn’t get why you need it, um, just yet!

desi girl problems

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