6 Bridal Entry Ideas That Are So Beautiful (And So Much Fun!)

6 Bridal Entry Ideas That Are So Beautiful (And So Much Fun!)
From the entry to the exit, everything about being a bride is super special! The entire gathering present at the wedding venue are all eyes for the bride’s grand entry. So take a cue from one of these gorgeous showstopper brides who entered their wedding venues in total Bollywood ishtyle (minus the phoolon ki chadar!).

1. Just like the royals

Bride entry ideas

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Always wanted to live the life of a princess for just one day?! Make that wish come true on your wedding day. A bridal entry on a palki is just about as royal as it gets. Such a pretty sight :)

2. Wakhra swag!

Bride entry ideas

Image: The Brides Of India on Instagram

This bride makes me want to get married all over again! Just how cool is that bike entry driven by daddy dearest! Love it!

3. The showstopper bride

Bride entry ideas

Image: Wedding Nama on Instagram

Designer Nishka Lulla made an entry on a boat and we are loving how beautiful the scene looks. The bride is a vision with her pink chunari softly blowing in the wind. If your wedding venue is anywhere near a waterbody you should totally consider this!

pink banner

4. Kiddies to the rescue!

Bride entry ideas

Image: Beautiful Wallpaper on Instagram

If you don’t want to go OTT but still make a lasting impression, this cute idea is all you need. Have all the kiddies in your family lead the walk with fun placards that read “Here comes your bride”, “It’s your last chance to run” or anything else you can think of!

5. Dance your way in

Bride entry ideas

Image: The Wedding Crasher on Instagram

Driven by her doting brother, this bride entered on a rickshaw and we can’t stop wondering how awesome it all looks! Thumbs up to see our brides totally rocking the shaadi scene.

6. Cinderella style

Bride entry ideas

Image: Shopzters on Instagram

A dreamy fairytale-like chariot makes for a bridal entry that all us girls dreamt of as little girls. We love the floral details and that sign board that reads, “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite.”

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