8 Bridal Beauty Commandments To Look Your Absolute Best!

8 Bridal Beauty Commandments To Look Your Absolute Best!
Beauty junkie or not, every bride wants to look her absolute best on the most important day of her life. And guess what, you can – as long as you commit to these bridal beauty commandments. Get ready to look like the best version of you!

1. I Will Start Pampering My Skin

Don’t slack on your skin care routine amidst all the wedding planning hoopla. Be diligent about your C-T-M routine twice daily, and use a good night cream or serum for giving your complexion that extra boost. And sunblock is a must, of course! Monthly facials are also a way to improve your skin’s texture and get that natural glow. Try and fit in at least 3 before your big day.

bridal beauty commandments

2. I Will Practice Great Posture

You don’t want to be a bride with slouchy shoulders right? Square those shoulders, stick your chest out and walk tall. Start practicing well in advance to better your posture and look confident and amazing on D-Day.

3. I Will Not Pick Hair and Makeup That Is Unnecessarily Complicated

We get it, you want to look fantabulous, but that updo you saw on Pinterest may require way more time than you envisioned, even if you have a professional on hand. Do your homework and decide looks that are pretty but also practical. Have detailed discussions and a trial with your hair and makeup artists well in advance.

bridal beauty commandments

4. I Will Play Up My Best Feature

Want to know the best way to guarantee you look amazing? Play up your best feature – use dewy makeup to accentuate clear skin, try dramatic lashes to enhance big eyes, or a bright matte pout on full lips. Maximize your best feature and you’ll look like a million bucks!


5. I Will Stay Hydrated

This is a practice you should always follow – load up on plenty of water to stay beautiful. It’s also something you shouldn’t forget during your wedding functions. Stay hydrated throughout all the functions and parties, and don’t forget to eat too!

bridal beauty commandments

6. I Will Rock A Kiss-Ready Pout On My Wedding

It’s easy to forget about taking good care of your lips but who doesn’t want a soft, healthy pucker? Chapped lips is never a good look! Make it a point to exfoliate your lips regularly in the weeks leading up to the festivities to ensure they are soft, smooth and juicy. Using lipsticks on dry lips will definitely end in disaster and no bride needs that stress!

7.  I Will Nurture My Strands

Healthy hair equals to amazing wedding hair. You should pamper your locks on a regular basis but if you haven’t then start the second you get engaged. Regular deep conditioning, snipping off the ends every 2 to 3 months and cutting down on heat styling are all simple things you can do for soft, shiny strands. Schedule any colour treatments 2 weeks before the big day so there is enough time for the colour to settle. Pro tip: don’t go for a dramatic colour change just before the wedding!

bridal beauty commandments

8. I Will Not Experiment With New Products A Week Before My Wedding

This is the worst time ever to experience any allergies. Incorporate any new products into your skincare routine well in advance to be safe. A breakout or a hint of redness is enough to send any bride into panic mode!

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