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7 Brides Show You How To Style The Double Dupatta!

7 Brides Show You How To Style The Double Dupatta!
A bride's wedding dupatta garners as much attention as the lehenga itself and, if you’re getting married, you’ll find yourself fussing over each thread and embellishment that goes into its making. And now, instead of one, we have the double dupatta trend that our real brides flaunt with elan. These 7 beautiful brides show you how to rock the double dupatta!

1. The saree style

double dupatta1 Both the dupattas are exactly similar - a deep maroon net dupatta with bootis all over and a thin border. While one is taken over the head, the second one is gathered and neatly pinned like a saree pallu at the shoulder and tucked behind at the waist.
Image: Weddingsbycolorblind on Instagram

2. Simple and pretty

double dupatta2 Both the dupattas, though same in colour, have different borders. While one has a sleek border and scattered bootis, the second dupatta has a heavier border and is pleated and pinned at the shoulder with its edges left loose. Image: Hitched&Clicked on Instagram

3. Shades of green

double dupatta3 We love the combination of a light green dupatta for the head and a darker shade as the second one. Notice how the head chunari is super long and almost sweeping the floor, while the heavier second one is pinned at the shoulder and both corners tucked behind the waist - a variation on the seedha pallu! Image: Morviimages on Instagram

4. The balancing act

double dupatta4 The heavier head chunari matches the bright pink of the lehenga while the comparatively lighter, neutral blush one balances out the ‘pinkness’ of her overall look. The second dupatta is draped as a long seedha pallu with one corner tucked at the waist and makes the bride look super cute! Image: Weddingcrasher on Instagram popxoapp

5. The front drape

double dupatta5 How pretty does this bride look! Both her dupattas look the same and she’s taken the second one at the front, just like you wear with your patiala suits.
Image: Mahimabhatia on Instagram

6. A pretty picture

double dupatta6 This bride's second dupatta is styled like a long seedha pallu with one corner pinned to her lehenga to a side rather than being tucked in. While this dupatta matches with her lehenga and blouse, the sar ki chunari is a slightly darker shade of pink that adds just the right amount of colour to her bridal look. Image: Navdeep Soni

7. Contrasting colours

double dupatta7 Her stunning red lehenga has a gorgeous red dupatta for the head. Playing with the colours, she’s styled a mint green second dupatta! It’s styled like a saree with the pallu taken behind the waist and tucked in at the front. Picture perfect. Image: Mahimabhatia on Instagram Featured Image: Kuntal Mukherjee Photography HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Gorgeous Bridal Lehengas For The Girl Who Loves Pink! MUST-READ: 7 Stunning Lehengas To Inspire Your Tailor!