10 Amazing Bags You Can Use Even After The Wedding!

10 Amazing Bags You Can Use Even After The Wedding!
A bag that not only looks pretty but is also functional is something every girl would love. A closet full of different bags - square, round, blingy and colourful - that’s exactly how a bride’s mix of bags should look like! They should be fancy yet able to house the very necessary items needed at one of the most important events of your life. These bags for brides are trendy enough to be used even after the wedding!

1. The Dainty Lace Clutch

1 Bridal Bag

This hexagonal beauty with delicate lace fabric all over it definitely makes it the lust list! The adorable bow shaped clasp makes this so lady-like, and we’d love to see you flaunt this at your cocktail! The neutral colour will blend well with most other hues.

Price: Rs 3,000. Buy it here.

2.The Traditional Beauty!

2 Bridal Bag

This hard, shell clutch with all those sweet elements just makes us think about all things bridal! The red, the peacocks and the intricate gold catch make it a perfect traditional addition to your collection! Use it after the wedding to add drama to any outfit!

Price: Rs 2,100. Buy it here.  

3. A Pop Of Colour!

3 Bridal Bag

This parrot green clutch makes it to this list for the simplicity of its silhouette and discreet embroidery detailing. This colour is for the bride who likes to add that dash of surprise to her ensemble. Wear it with a blue or pink outfit and let the clutch do the talking!

Price: Rs 1,399. Buy it here.

4. The Exquisite Coin Purse!

4 Bridal Bag

From the beautiful carrot-red shade to the gorgeous embroidery, this makes us go wow! Now, imagine carrying this with your elaborate outfits. It adds just the right measure of richness and grace.

Price: Rs 4,900. Buy it here.

5. The Earthy, Printed Wonder!

5 Bridal Bag

This oval clutch is a representative of fine detailing. From the shape to the printed rhombus pattern and the tiny circular dots on it, we love the whole package. Perfectly suitable for the bride who wants to glow subtly.

Price: Rs 2,772. Buy it here.


6. The Glam Fringe!

6 Bridal Bag

Talk about glamour and shine - this red box clutch is that and more. The gold fringe hanging from the glorious embroidery at top is one of its kind. This is for the bride who like to amp up the heat. She’s bold and confident!

Price: Rs 5,000. Buy it here.

7. The Woven Darling!

7 Bridal Bag

This cheerful yellow box clutch makes our hearts smile. The floral weaving in silk lends this clutch a unique characteristic and we can imagine you pairing this with emerald greens and crimson reds to shine elegantly.

Price: Rs 5,500. Buy it here.

8. The Classic Concoction!

8 Bridal Bag

We love how the wine color marries the gold leather in this ravishing clutch! The subtly impressioned elephants on the shiny leather along with that tassel makes this piece so different. Match this copper-gold stunner with your shimmery outfits in similar shades!

Price: Rs 2,459. Buy it here.

9. The Charming Blue Potli!

9 bridal Bag

Every girl must own this easy-going style. It manages to fit in so much and still looks so strikingly artistic. This royal blue with gold clutch makes it to your list of must-haves because you’ve got to get clutches and bags in all the colours of the rainbow, right?

Price: Rs 3,800. Buy it here.  

10. Kaleidoscopic Symmetry!

10 Bridal Bag

To add a tint of brightness to your ivory or pastel outfits, you’ve got to get your hands on this piece. We’re thinking of chikankari and silver gota embroidered outfits. This will be super handy in the future too when you want to add vibrance to your outfit!

Price: Rs 5,120. Buy it here.
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