An Open Letter To The Guy Who Cheated On Me

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Cheated On Me
Dear Ex,

Long time, no see! It’s actually been quite a while and I hope everything's going good for you. Today, after all this time, I’d like to talk about something that I had tough time even accepting… I want to talk about how you destroyed our relationship. I want to talk about you breaking my heart.

Being cheated on is not something one can adjust to easily…it’s very traumatising, trust me. When I was with you, I believed that you’d never cheat on me or even lie to me. I believed and trusted you with all my heart, but I don’t think you deserved it. For a relationship to actually work, more than love, two people need to trust each other. And that is where you failed in our relationship… You shattered my trust.

I still remember the time when I found out that you were cheating on me. I was devastated. I kept asking myself “Why?”... Other questions haunted me too. “Was I that bad that he chose to do this to me?” “Did he even love me?” “Am I not good enough?” “Why did this happen to me?”... Well! Too many questions and I knew the answer to none. I tried to be strong, yet I couldn’t stop myself from crying to sleep and missing you. I started hating you for ruining my life and I blamed myself for wasting time on the wrong person. I felt as though I’d lost it all. In short, I felt downright miserable.


It is true, time heals all wounds, it happened with me too, but this whole incident changed me. It changed my outlook towards life, people and relationships. And with time, I figured out the answers to my endless list of questions...

Now I know that I was not the problem. I did have shortcomings, but who doesn’t? I wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t me. It was you. You chose another person over me and it did hurt me. But later I realized that life is a matter of choices and it’s okay to not be someone’s choice. That didn’t mean I was or am not good enough. I went on to realize that the time we spent together wasn’t a waste, because I learnt a lot from our past.

Today, I hold no grudges against you for what you did to me - but I do have a piece of advice for you. Never let someone down. Especially a person who loves you. A man who can’t keep his promises is not good enough a man for any girl.

But there is something I need to thank you for. Thank you for helping me become even stronger as a person. I wouldn’t have been as strong as I am now had you not cheated on me and made me go through such a bad time.

Wishing you all the luck,

The Girl You Once Cheated On

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