Confessions Of A 26-Year-Old Who Worries About Looking Old

Confessions Of A 26-Year-Old Who Worries About Looking Old
I moved to Delhi 8 years ago for my studies and then stayed on in the big, bad capital for my career. My lifestyle is pretty much the same as any young, working girl - I eat out everyday (very guilty!), erratic sleeping habits and an occasional night of partying. I’ve always thought that I have reasonably good skin. But it is exposed to dust, pollution and sun everyday. (Talk about the perks of being a working woman in Delhi!) My worst nightmare is to wake up to patchy, oily and wrinkled skin! I may be pre-empting things here but believe me, your skin age has little or no relation to your actual age. So when Olay sent their Total Effects Lightweight Moisturiser to the POPxo HQ, I grabbed it with both my hands and decided to give it a shot!

Week 1: Super Soft

I was super excited and I am not lying. I’m actually terrified of wrinkles. So, when the experts at Olay told me that our skin starts ageing in the twenties itself, I was ready to take charge! I reached out for the cream every morning after the shower. The Olay Total Effects Lightweight Moisturiser felt good on my skin. My face did not feel layered at all even though I have oily skin - a plus in the Delhi heat. It felt softer and the texture less bumpy.

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Week 2: No Sweat, Only Glow

The one big reason why I avoid applying any face cream is because I live in the constant fear of sweating. And the Delhi summer does not help. I cannot tell you how happy I was when my colleague said to me, “Hey, your skin is glowing. What have you been up to?” And I knew I was doing something right ;-) That’s one of the things I really like about this moisturiser - it’s super-light and gets absorbed almost instantly. My skin felt hydrated, but without the heaviness of other creams.

Week 3: Blemish-Free

When I say it out loud, it sounds strange, but it’s true - my right cheek has always been susceptible to pimples and all kinds of oily eruptions. The zits come and go, but the dark spots stay. Through week 3, I could see that these annoying marks began disappearing and the difference in tone between my left and right cheek reduced. The last time I felt this happy about my skin was in college!

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Week 4: Addicted

From applying it just once in the morning to applying it before stepping out every single time, I have became a devout Olay Total Effects Lightweight Moisturiser person. The SPF 15 SolaSheer technology also protects me from the harmful effects of UV rays. Softer skin, improved texture, an even skin tone and a glow - what more could a girl ask!

*This is a sponsored post for Olay.