7 Days Of Seduction: How To Have The BEST Valentine's Week!

7 Days Of Seduction: How To Have The BEST Valentine's Week!
If you’re seeing someone, you probably have a Valentine’s Day plan in place already. But have you thought about using the whole of the week leading up to 14th February as kind of a teaser for it? Well, in case you haven’t made plans already, or you don’t mind adding some extra sizzle to your V-Day agenda, here’s something you might want to consider. Seven days of sexy surprises for your partner and yourself, to have the BEST Valentine’s week ever.

P.S.: If you and your partner haven’t gotten too physical yet, don’t worry, you can always try less risque variations of the suggestions we have for you! And if you and your partner are in fact sexually active, you don’t necessarily have to follow this to the T. The idea is just to use the week ahead of you to make things extra special and add some spice to your romance. And deepen your intimacy too!

1. Mutual Appreciation Monday

Let this be a day of sharing what you love about each other. Not the “sexy” stuff, but the other little things that make your relationship what it is. Appreciate your partner for the ways he adds value to your life. Let him do the same for you.

sexy valentines plan

2. Let’s Play A Game This Tuesday

Time to amp things up a bit, don’t you think? Play a variation of Never Have I Ever… Or even Truth Or Dare. Send him an email with the name of the game and the rules. And start it off with a bang. “Never have I ever…had an orgasm while XXX.” Or, perhaps, “Truth: I’ve fantasized about doing YYY. Do you dare share your truth?” You could even make up your own game. Just let this naughty play continue through the day.

sexy valentines plan

3. Wishlist Wednesday

Think about the game (or games!) you played. Now make a list of things you actually want to do or try. Ask him to make a list too. Then comes the important part: don't share the list with each other just yet, save it for later to surprise one another with. But keep the spark going by messaging each other the progress you've made on your wishlist. “I have 7 things on my list… What about you?”

sexy valentines plan

4. Tease-Each-Other Thursday

Create a privately shared virtual space that you’re going to use for the express purpose of teasing each other senseless. Could be Dropbox, could be a private Pinterest board, could even be as simple as a shared Google folder. Through the day, update this private forum of yours with things you both find sexy. A sexy song that you know gets him in the mood, an artwork he knows you’ll find erotic - anything goes, as long as it’s something that you’ll both appreciate and be aroused by. After all, the last two days should have given you a lot of insight into what those things are! Hopefully, by the end of the day, you’ll have a private archive of erotic material that’s going to come in handy in the future too!

sexy valentines plan

5. Flirty, Sexty Friday

Move from the generally erotic to the specifically sexy today. Go ahead and start the sexting game early in the morning. Perhaps tell him a couple of things on your wishlist. Steamy messages, maybe a naughty snap or two - whatever you’re comfortable with. Be as daring as you’d like! But just to be on the safe side, keep your face out of the frame if you're going the naughty pics route. You don’t want anyone other than your partner accidentally stumbling upon your risque pictures, do you?!

sexy valentines plan

6. Slow-Burn Saturday

This isn’t the day for doing anything to turn each other on; it’s the day to let the anticipation build on its own. Go shopping for lingerie, get yourself a massage, indulge in a proper pampering session at the parlour - just let him know what you’re up to. So that he knows you’re...preparing. And can’t get that thought out of his mind. Trust us, the naughtiness of the past few days and the promise of the day to come is going to be enough to keep that fire burning.

sexy valentines plan

7. Sinfully Sexy Sunday

It's THE day, finally. When you get to put into action all the things you've been talking about, thinking about - and hopefully really wanting too! Do the traditional dinner and drinks and dancing, or the casual movie marathon with each other - with the promise and excitement  of things getting hot and heavy afterwards. Have a sexy, intimate and, most importantly, loving Valentine's Day with the person you care so much about. :-)

sexy valentines plan

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