Sasural Genda Phool: Say Hello To Your New Relatives!

Sasural Genda Phool: Say Hello To Your New Relatives!
Remember how Cinderella found her Prince Charming, got married and lived happily ever after? Although real life is not exactly a fairy tale, it’s nothing short of one when you marry a guy with a big loving Hum Saath Saath Hain khandan. You'll meet these new in laws after marriage!

1. The mother-in-law or the High Command!

So you have your apprehensions about how your MIL is going to be. She’s the captain of the ship and handing over the wheel to you might not come easy for her, but your love and affection for her will help overcome all her fears and you’ll be her ghar ki beti  in no time!

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2. The ninja trainer bhabhi

She’s the one who has the most experience when it comes to turning an insider from an outsider. She knows the secret pressure points, sweet spots and favourite dishes of each family member. Hold on to her like a true disciple and make your way into everyone’s hearts.

3. The sister (-in-law) you never had

From endless shopping, to makeup and hair tips, she’s your go-to girl in the house. Your MIL would be super happy to see her two girls bonding and would be more than happy to pamper you girls with gifts (and hard cash if you’re lucky!) to go out.

4. The dude devar

He’s the rock you have when your husband’s not around. He would always compliment you about the dinner you busted your ass off for and side with you whenever your husband thinks you’re being unreasonable.

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5. The jugaadu chachaji

With his array of mobile phones and numerous Pappus and Chotus at his beck and call, Chachaji can single-handedly offer solutions to all your problems. Want that car which has a 6-month long waiting list? Or a hotel room for your last minute vacation or VIP entry to that favourite club of yours? It’s Chachaji to the rescue.


6. The phunny fufaji

So the Fufaji can’t stop laughing because he saw a cat singing on YouTube. He cracks the choicest of dad jokes you have ever heard, but you still end up laughing with him because his jokes are so-bad-that-they’re-good.

7. The ever-so-happening Pinky/Baby/Dolly bua

Well you are sure to find one aunt who will always be at her blingiest best. From a rib-cracking tight hug to a 100 kisses (all on the face!) - everything about her is in excess. She will always lighten up the mood by her making even the most boring conversations absolutely entertaining!

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