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7 Reasons It's Actually Awesome To Be A Grownup!

Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi

Guest Contributor

It’s true we all miss our childhood, but didn’t we spend most of it thinking of things we can do or don’t have to do as grownups?! Now it’s a whole another story that you end up realising how stressful being an adult can be! However, trust us, there are plenty of fab reasons why being a grownup totally rocks!

1. You don't have to be nice to everyone

All those awkward moments when you had to oblige as sweet kids or teenagers and be nice to all of mummy and daddy's relatives, friends and acquaintances...well, no more. And you get to choose which party or function to attend. Yay!

2. No more homework

Seriously, the biggest interruption of growing up was that grave feeling of doing your homework every day; or even worse, being held accountable along with the other offenders for not doing the homework. Growing up is freedom from all that childhood stress. Bonus: no exams every six months. Yay yay!

2 - being a grownup

3. Being yourself

No more constant comparison to an older sibling or fellow-aged cousin or the neighbour’s child or even that super-genius kid in some odd country. You can FINALLY be you. Phew!

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4. You get to choose...

From what looks good on you to what’s best for you in can decide for yourself without the constant bickering from older adults on what you should do. Sigh of relief!

4 - being a grownup

5. Fewer expectations from people

From standing first in class to following a certain sport to becoming a doctor/ engineer….all your life you’ve lived under pressure. Now that you are leave it all behind and it seems so yesterday! Finally, you are set free from what others expect of you.

6. Your friends are finally yours!

You can like and be friends with ANYONE you want and it’s okay now. No more choosing them based on their age and parents’ preferences.

6 - being a grownup

7. No more need to “act your age”

Remember that time when all you wanted to do is wear your mother’s makeup but you were expected to be behave as a 9-year-old and were asked to act your age? As an adult, you can be a child too. You can cry like a baby after a breakup or play on the swing for as long as you want – all in the name of reliving your's cool. As a grown up - age kind of becomes less of a factor.

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Published on Feb 16, 2016
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