What Does Your FAV Emoji Say About You?!

What Does Your FAV Emoji Say About You?!
Sure, your zodiac sign says a lot about the kind of person you are. Even the movies and books you like reveal a lot about your personality. But did you ever think that your most used emoji could say a lot about you?! Well, read on to find out!

1. The Red Heart

favorite emoji says about you - the red heart

You're a very loving person and expressing that love comes very naturally to you! You basically wear your heart on your sleeve and have no reservations when it comes to loving with all your heart!

2. The Face With Tears Of Joy

favorite emoji says about you - the face with tears of joy

You appreciate humour and love to surround yourself with people who make you laugh! Your WhatsApp is basically full of hilarious jokes and memes that your friend keeps forwarding to you!

3. The Dancer

favorite emoji says about you - the dancer

Ooo, the excitement! You're a party person and also the life of every party you go to! You're the first of your friends to jump at the chance of going out for a fun night!

4. The Face Throwing A Kiss Emoji

favorite emoji says about you - the face throwing a kiss emoji

You're a far cry from being an introvert, and every time you feel like showing your appreciation towards someone, you shower them with hugs and kisses!

5. The Information Desk Person (A.K.A. The Hair Flip)

favorite emoji says about you -  information desk person

You've just got way too much sass in you, girl, and you aren't afraid to show it. This emoji is like a mirror of your soul, which is why you use it religiously.

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6. The Heart Eyes

favorite emoji says about you - the heart eyesYou get easily fascinated by things and are actually quite easy to please! But your easygoing smile and overall adorableness basically helps you get whatever you want most of the time. :P

7. The Face With Stick Out Tongue

favorite emoji says about you- the face with stick out tonue

You're playful and don't really like to take things too seriously! Because of this you seem super-approachable to people and you also get away with a lot of things that others can’t!

8. The Face With Stick Out Tongue And Winking Eye

favorite emoji says about you - the face with stick out tongue and winking eye

You love to joke, but you also love to subtly flirt - somehow you make both the qualities work well together.You're always the person people turn to for an instant pick-me-up!

9. The Pile Of Poo

favorite emoji says about you - the pile of poo

Not everyone gets your sense of humour but, hey, guess what? You don't care! You're totally comfortable with who you are and you aren't too bothered when people just don't seem to get you.

10. The Smiling Face With Sunglasses

favorite emoji says about you - the smiling face with sunglasses

You're too cool for this. No, really. You're used to compliments and all of your stories end up with you taking a bow for your spectacular role in them! But hey, the spotlight really likes you more than you like it! True story.

11. The Grin

favorite emoji says about you - the grinYou know that a lot of things you say might not be taken in a light hearted manner if it wasn't for this emoji! You don't always know how to mince your words but you make sure to make up for that in your own way!

12. The Monkey Faces

favorite emoji says about you - the monkey faces

You're a very animated person - and whenever you speak, you love to use your hands and facial expressions to create the perfect effect to accompany your story! You just always add the perfect level of drama and spice to things!

13. The Unamused

favorite emoji says about you - the unamused

You're not easy to impress, and have some very high standards when it comes to things (or people!) who take up your time. And with good reason too! You have your priorities set and this puts you way ahead of other people in the race!

14. The Wine Glass

favorite emoji says about you - the wine glass

You like wine. You REALLY like wine. You think wine is god's gift to humankind and it can basically solve every problem in life. Wine is happiness.

15. The Women With Bunny Ears

favorite emoji says about you - the women with bunny ears

You're playful, quirky, funny and basically everything else nice! You dance in the face of problems but make sure you drag your bestie into the dance with you, just like your favorite emoji!

Images: Getemoji.com

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