7 Little Things You Can Do When Your Bestie Is Mad At You!

7 Little Things You Can Do When Your Bestie Is Mad At You!
Fighting with the bestie can be a nightmare of a situation. If you’ve been there, you know it can even involve some sleepless nights - and hours spent wondering if, when and how you two will get okay again. There are things you can do, though, to make things right with your bestie. So read on, and remember, it’s not worth letting one fight get in the way of your friendship!

1. Write her a letter

Write her a heartfelt message, either by email or as a handwritten note. The gesture itself will show that you are willing to put in time and effort into repairing your friendship.

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2. Nothing says sorry like cake…

Or cookies, or pizza! She’s your bestie and you know what she likes best… So bake her a batch of “I’m sorry” cookies, or get a patisserie to write a message on a cake for her and get it delivered! It’s bound to make her smile.

3.  Picture perfect

Find a cute picture of the two of you and get it printed and framed to give to her. The memories will melt her anger, even if just a little bit!

fight with your bestie

4. Retail therapy

Get her a sweet little present that you know she would love. The fact that you thought of her while you were out shopping will definitely make her want to hug you!

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5. Surprise her with a visit to her house

If you’ve tried calling a couple times but had no luck, why not stop by her house? You know where she lives! Go visit her and let her pour her heart out to you.

fight with your bestie

6. But…remember to give her some space too!

While this one may seem super difficult to do, sometimes the best thing you can do is give your best friend a little time and space to cool down. She’s only human - and if she’s mad, she might need a little time before she can be her normal self with you!

7. Let her vent… And hear her out!

If you know you’ve made a mistake for which your bestie is mad at you, give her a fair chance to say what’s on her mind. Being mature about the situation and talking things out can be the best thing for your friendship. If you can talk about what it is that has come between you, then you can get past it too. It would of course mean having to put your ego aside - but, ultimately, you know your friendship is worth more than pride.

fight with your bestie

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