What Kind Of Lover Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals...

What Kind Of Lover Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals...
Love is most definitely in the air this week and with Valentine’s Day right here, we thought it would be fun to divulge one of the most interesting secrets that the stars have to offer. Read on to find out what kind of lover you are… Maybe you can read this out to your lover and let him know what kind of treat he's in for!


Aries, there are no secrets when it comes to your love for love. Makeout sessions are likely to be passionate and intense from the get go and things tend to get even wilder from there. The more comfortable you are with your lover, the more you will let your fire show! There’s no chance of any sparks going out with you around - your lover is a lucky guy to have you in his arms!

aries what kind of lover are you


Like most things that are beautiful, Taurus - love is something that is often on your mind, though you may not like to admit it. You sync well with your partner and feel most alive when you know you are satisfying their needs. Things may start off slow, but so long as you know that you want to make it a night to remember nothing every comes in your way!

taurus what kind of lover are you


You are a playful lover, Gemini. Your genuine love for the art of conversation sends stimulating signals to your partner’s brain (and naughtier body parts) and creates a teasing tension that is bound to end with an intense session of lovemaking! Without going overboard you are able to communicate intimate and affectionate feelings towards your partner and let them know they are loved.

gemini what kind of lover are you


Your lover is a lucky guy. Not many people get to know you beyond your tough exterior, Cancer. Your love is intense, caring and genuine. There is a very wild side to you that you love to engage in so long as you are comfortable doing so. If your lover can offer you security, he can be sure that you will be ready to offer him the world in return.

cancer what kind of lover are you


Leo, you may be a lioness, but you sure do know how to make your lover roar! Your sexual prowess is so prominent that it often lights up a room when you walk in. Love for you is a two way street, and you do well to balance it. So long as he showers you with love and compliments, you are happy to do the same in bountiful amounts - there’s also a nurturing quality that comes out which may even surprise you.

leo what kind of lover are you


Virgo, if only others could learn from you when it comes to the art of love, lovemaking and being a lover! While you may take your time to get into things with your partner, there will never be a moment when your lover feels as though he is waiting around. Somehow, time spent with you is always easygoing and amicable. It sets a strong foundation for a deeper lover.

virgo  what kind of lover are you

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You are such a romantic, Libra. Combined with this natural instinct for love and an inherent kindness, you are almost irresistible when it comes to love. You enjoy surprising your guy and doing the small things that one hopes for in a relationship. You’re one of the few who knows how to deliver the cake, icing and cherry on top too! 

libra what kind of lover are you


Sizzling, sexy and sweet sometimes - that’s the best way to describe you as a lover, Scorpio. You are a passionate person and this shows itself in your life as well as your love life. You know what you want and you know what you want to give… Though you can sometimes get swept away with the art of seducing, it’s something your lover should enjoy watching you do - because you do it so well!  

scorpio what kind of lover are you


You are pretty experimental when it comes to your love, Sagittarius. Your loving style doesn’t stay the same for long and so long as your partner is game for something interesting in between the sheets you are sure to never disappoint. You are quite a moody creature, so your love depends on your mood- but when you are in the mood to impress you can be sure to leave people standing mesmerized and waiting eagerly for your return.

sag what kind of lover are you


You are a long-term lover, Capricorn. Once someone gets wrapped up and enamoured by your aloof charm you can be sure they won’t be going anywhere any time soon. There is a mystique about your love and people enjoy taking on the challenge of figuring you out. You can be sure that once they uncover a few layers they will only be more drawn to you.

what kind of lover are you cap


So long as your imagination is free to run wild like a child, you are happy to give the best of you to your partner. The connections you make in love may not be like what others make and this is what makes you very unique and special. There’s a fine balance between physical and mental intimacy and it’s one that you have perfected the art of blending.

aquarius what kind of lover are you


Pisces, you love to feel - whether that feeling comes from being physically close to your partner or something more intuitive, you can be sure that your lover will always know that they are loved. You know how to give yourself to your partner wholly without compromising on your own lifestyle and this balance will take you far in life - you are what he has always wanted, without even knowing it!  

pisces what kind of lover are you

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