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What Do You *Secretly* Want Out Of Life? Your Zodiac Reveals...

What Do You *Secretly* Want Out Of Life? Your Zodiac Reveals...
We all secretly desire something or another in life. Some want money, some want fame - what is it that you want? Let’s see what your zodiac says...


You, Aries, are a tough nut to crack. But although you seem very tough on the outside, you are just a real softie at heart. You love being around people and love being loved by everyone in return. This is what you secretly want - to be loved by everyone you meet. You have an innate desire to be liked by people. And to be honest, it isn’t hard for people to love you given your free-spirited and welcoming nature. zodiac sign secret


You, Taurus, are not one to trust others very easily. You take your time letting people into your life. But at the same time, you have a secret desire to be trusted by everyone. You secretly want people to believe in what you say and follow your lead. And more often than not, they do! Your natural charm and confidence in yourself ensures that others happily follow your lead. zodiac sign secret


You have the ability to adapt to any situation, Gemini. You are a rather accommodative person - but at the same time also desire to be everywhere at the same time! That’s what you secretly want - to be able to be at multiple places and do multiple things at the same time. You don’t like missing out on anything! You like to be in the middle of the action and want to experience a host of things in life. zodiac sign secret


Your loving nature makes you a popular one amongst friends and family, Cancer. You can work your way into anyone’s heart with your kindness and warm smile. You’re a true romantic at heart and crave a love as deep as the ocean! What you secretly want is a love story worth telling to the world. You want to be madly in love and experience all the emotions that come with being in it. zodiac sign secret


You exude confidence, Leo. You show immense faith in yourself and the ability of those you care about. You are not one to ever get jealous of another's’ success. However, what you secretly want is to always be in the limelight. You like being the centre of attention and enjoy having everyone’s eyes on you. The natural ease with which you carry yourself makes it all the more easy for you to achieve that. zodiac sign secret


You are known to be quite the inquisitive one, Virgo. You believe in knowing facts and figures rather than just believing in conjecture. What you secretly want is to know everything! Not just about everyone you know, but about the world. You like to keep yourself well informed and up to date with what is happening all around you. zodiac sign secret Popxo Banner


You are a peacemaker, Libra. You’re the first one to try and solve a fight between people and want there to be harmony all around you. You dislike any sort of negativity anywhere close to you. What you secretly want though is to be surrounded by people at all times! You like being around people, and to a certain extent, fear being lonely. zodiac sign secret


You, Scorpio, are a passionate individual. You like to do everything you take on with all your heart - and hate having to give up anything you start in the middle. What you secretly want is to be famous! You like your hard work to be noticed and appreciated - and want the world to recognise your myriad talents. zodiac sign secret


You love your independence, Sagittarius. You like to live life on your own terms and are not one who likes to be tied down in any way. What you secretly want, though, is for everyone to agree with you. There is rarely ever an argument that ends with someone not agreeing with you. You stand strongly for what you believe in and don’t give up till your point is proven! zodiac sign secret


You have a very pragmatic approach to life, Capricorn. You have a step-by-step approach for almost everything - and like to do everything to perfection. What you secretly want is for everyone to be impressed with your way of life and hard work. You work hard for yourself, but like to get recognition for it from others! zodiac sign secret


You are a true humanitarian, Aquarius. You never waste an opportunity to help someone. What you secretly want is to make the world a better place - and you strive every day to do so. You make sure you make efforts, even if little ones, to make the life of those around you easier in some way. zodiac sign secret


You have a very powerful personality, Pisces. But under all that lies a very simple person. You are of a very calm and collected disposition - and rarely ever lose your cool. What you secretly want is for people to be compassionate - not just towards you but towards everyone in general! You’re large hearted, and think not just about yourself, but about everyone and their needs. zodiac sign secret GIFs: Tumblr Featured Image: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #Zodiac: What’s The *Secret* Side Of You That No One Knows?! MUST-READ: What’s Your Secret Source Of Happiness? Your Zodiac Says…