what i love you does not mean

7 Things “I Love You” Does NOT Mean!


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“I love you” - the three little words we long to hear and be comfortable enough to say to our partners. Being in love is a wonderful feeling and can often lift us far above the ground that we stand so firmly on in daily matters. Matters of the heart are often laced with impractical and idealistic tendencies, and that’s okay… But sometimes we need to take a moment and remind ourselves (and our significant others) that while those three little words stand for so much in your relationship and really say everything you want to say to your partner…there are some things that they don’t imply.

“I love you” doesn’t mean…

1. That I will put your needs before mine all the time

I’m still the number 1 person in my life - it’s just that I have also realised that you too hold a very dear place in it!

2. That I can be used as your (metaphorical) punching bag

(Obviously not a physical one… that should go without saying!) But don’t take out your frustrations on me. Yes, I am here to listen to you and guide you if you have had a bad day - but not to suffer your abuse.

what i love you does not mean

3. That I suddenly owe you all my time

I want to spend heaps of time with you and give you cuddles and kisses and go to the movies and to dinners, etc - but I also want to see my friends and hang out and do all the normal stuff I do that makes me me!

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4. That I don’t love others as much as you

Duh, like my family and my bestie - you mean the world to me, and so do they!

what i love you does not mean

5. That you are more “important” than my friends

It’s true. There are some days when I will pick them over you and I expect you to do the same. Sometimes we’ll all hang out together even. It’s healthy this way.

6. That things need to change physically

Declaring my love for you is emotional, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I want things to change in the bedroom or elsewhere… You’ll know when I’m ready, okay?

what i love you does not mean

7. That you can do whatever you want or act however you like

Just because you have my love, don’t think you can take it for granted. The reason I love you is the way you are with me, which is wonderful - so don’t go suddenly changing and become someone else. Let’s celebrate our love and make sure we give the best of it to one another.

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Published on Feb 25, 2016
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