7 Things To Keep In Mind If You Realize He’s NOT The One

7 Things To Keep In Mind If You Realize He’s NOT The One
There comes a time in life when you might realize that the guy you’ve been with for a while now may not be the one you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. While it may be hard to process and accept that, it is important to do both. Here are a few things to remember when you realise he’s not the right guy for you!

1. Don’t stick together just because you’ve been doing it for so long already…

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together 6 months or 5 years. No matter how much time you’ve spent together, it is possible that the two of you will not be good as permanent partners. Yes, the longer you’ve spent together, the harder it will be to let go. But remember this, it will be even harder to be unhappy forever. So when you know it isn’t right for you, find the courage to let go.

2. Be brave and say what you feel

It isn’t always easy putting into words what we feel. Mostly because what you’re feeling is something you think you shouldn’t be saying out loud - lest you initiate a fight or hurt someone in the process. But being honest about your feelings is important, not just for the other person but also yourself. Don’t spend the rest of your life with someone because you didn’t have the courage to speak up at the right time.

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3. A relationship ought to bring out the best in you

And if you’re unhappy and thinking of ending this, it clearly didn’t. Unless you’re happy, you can’t be your best self!

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4. You WILL eventually find someone else… Seriously!

Someone who is right for you. Don’t hold yourself back from letting go of this relationship because you think you will never again find someone else to be with. Yes, you will! When the time is right and you’re ready.

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5. Count on your friends and family

They’ve been there for you all this while, and will continue to be. So don’t be embarrassed or afraid of opening up to them and sharing what’s on your mind. It will help you feel better and probably motivate you to take the right step.

6. But do what feels right to you… You owe no one any explanations!

If this isn’t right for you, it just isn’t. Apart from your partner whom you want to end this with, you owe no one any justification. So don’t try and explain to the world why it doesn’t feel right. It just doesn’t feel right to you and that is enough. It’s your life - don’t let the world pressurise you!

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7. Life DOES get better!

Breakups are never easy. You will be heartbroken and you will be sad for a while. But life gets better. Get back to the things you’ve always loved and enjoyed. Spend time with your friends, find time for that hobby of yours. There is nothing you can’t get over or achieve with a positive attitude!

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