13 Reasons To Be *Excited* About Your 30s (You Heard Us Right!)

13 Reasons To Be *Excited* About Your 30s (You Heard Us Right!)
All of us know at least one person who dreads the idea of entering their 30s. But contrary to popular belief, your 30s can actually be the best time of your life. You’re more sure of yourself than you’ve ever been and many of the complexes from your teens and 20s have finally faded away. Here are a few things that will happen in your 30s that you will actually be thankful for!

1. You will care way less about what anyone else says or thinks about you!

2. Being in a relationship or even getting married will not seem like a necessity. You’d rather wait till you find someone you’re comfortable and can be yourself with.

what happens in your 30s

3. #FOMO is no longer a real thing. You’d much rather stay in and watch a TV series or read a good book instead, anyway.

4. You will not feel pressurised to be “fashion forward” all the time. You will still want to dress well, but comfort will matter too. *Phew*

what happens in your 30s

5. You know who your true friends are! And you’re not skipping from one friends’ circle to another. You’re still open to making new friends, but you truly understand the saying “old is gold” now.


6. Saying “no” is just wayyy easier.

what happens in your 30s

7. But you’re also wayyy better at balancing your time between work, family and friends.

8. While hangovers become more a part of your life than they were before…you also learn how much alcohol your body can actually handle… Which means no more throwing up or talking nonsense at random parties, and regretting it terribly the next morning. *Woohoo*

what happens in your 30s

9. You care more about your body and your health.

10. Shopping several times a week for the same kind of items is really not something you will have the patience (or time) for... And guess who wants to thank you for that - your wallet!

what happens in your 30s

11. You will have a lot more (life) experience in general, and probably even be financially way more secure than you were in your 20s.

12. You don’t feel the need to take any crap from anyone at all… And you won’t. You’ve learnt how to speak up for yourself.

what happens in your 30s

13. Life isn’t as confusing anymore. You know who you are and what you want. Well, more or less. :-)

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