#HeSays: What Guys REALLY Think About Valentine's Day!

#HeSays: What Guys REALLY Think About Valentine's Day!
Unlike popular belief, we don't completely hate Valentine's Day. Sure, it's a bit of a grand production for us, but we don't dread it or anything. We just don't feel as strongly about it as our girlfriends do. Here's what we really think about Valentine's Day!

1. It's Valentine's Day already?

2. Well, apparently. Has to be all over social media for a reason.

3. Ugh, these many red hearts together kind of make my head dizzy.

4. Why are all these girls squealing?

guys on valentines day

5. Time to Google: best Valentine's Day gift for girls.

6. Jewellery?! What the hell, that stuff is expensive.

7. Hmm, chocolates. Now that's a better option. Which ones does she like again?


8. But will she think I'm being a cheapskate?

guys on valentines day

9. Okay, back to Google.

10. Single life was so much easier.

11. Damn it, I'll have to take her to a fancy place too.  

12. Gonna be so broke this month.

guys on valentines day

13. But, hey, I get a gift too, right? Awesome!

14. And I'll definitely get some action. That's like a Valentine's Day rule, right?

15. Wow, are we going to be one of those cheesy couples that used to make me sick?

16. But, hey, it's gonna make her happy. So suck it up.

guys on valentines day

17. Plus, you never know, it might actually be fun. After all, she’s always fun!

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