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Valentine's Day: What Girls Want vs What Actually Happens!

Rayman Gill

Assistant Editor, POPxo

It’s 14th February again - and the air is filled with love and… disappointment? It’s that time of the year when girls get super excited and start looking forward to a day of unmatched pampering - and the guys inevitably and adorably manage to bungle it up! From forgetting to wish you to taking you out on a lacklustre date - romance doesn’t always come easily to men! *Sigh*
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But fortunately for the guys out there - romance doesn’t always have to be so hard! For all ye lazy bums and forgetful fellows, Bluestone makes it super duper easy to rock her world this Valentine’s Day! With their amazing (afforable) and beautiful range of jewellery - they’ve simplified your boyfriend responsibilities! So men, win the ‘Best Boyfriend’ tag by gifting her some pretty bling from the Valentine’s collection. And girls, don’t forget to share this video with your man *hint hint*!

*This is a sponsored post for Bluestone

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Published on Feb 12, 2016
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