what do you hide from the world

#Zodiac: What’s The *Secret* Side Of You That No One Knows?!

Neha Gupta

Guest Contributor

Us humans can be complex beings. We don’t always like to show the world how we feel, and don’t always like to say exactly what we mean! We are a lot more than we seem to be on the surface - and we each have a side to us that we like to keep hidden from the world. So what’s the side to you that you keep hidden from the world? Let’s see what your zodiac sign says...


You, Aries, always dare to dream big and work hard to make it come true. You inspire people around you, and are always happy to take the lead. But what you actually hide from everyone is your sensitive side. You often take things people say to heart and might even continue to think about it for a while after. Beneath that tough exterior, you’re a real softie!

what do you hide from the worldTaurus

The world knows that you value relationships in life, Taurus. You stick by the people you love through thick and thin and are almost loyal to a fault. But what you like to keep hidden from the world is your slightly more possessive side. You sometimes wish that you didn’t have to share the people you love with anyone else! This is the side you keep well hidden!

what do you hide from the worldGemini

You are a people person, Gemini, and easily adapt to every situation in life. You know how to intrigue people simply through the conversations you have with them. No wonder you are popular everywhere you go! But what you keep hidden from the world is that you don’t trust people easily - and hardly ever let your guard down, even amongst close ones. Other people might feel like they know everything there is to know about you, but they don’t - and that’s how you want it to be!

what do you hide from the worldCancer

You love like no one else does, Cancer. Not only do you care about your loved ones, but you are also highly empathetic towards all those around you. Although you may forgive those who hurt you, you never ever forget. This is what you like to keep hidden from the world. You’ll always remember how someone made you feel, and have your future interactions with them based on that.

what do you hide from the worldLeo

People admire your sense of confidence, Leo. You are self assured and believe in your own capabilities. But what you like to keep hidden from the world is the side of you that doesn’t like anyone else stealing your limelight. You like to have all eyes on you - especially when you’re saying or doing something important! And you don’t appreciate anyone trying to take that away from you.

what do you hide from the worldVirgo

You, Virgo, impress people with your sharp mind and the ability to view everything with practicality and logic, rather than emotions. You’re curious about everything around you and like to have a concrete answer for everything. This quality sometimes makes you dig deeper into issues than required. This is the side you like to keep hidden from the world. The side that can sometimes overthink and over-analyse things, even though on the outside you continue to look very calm and composed.

what do you hide from the world


You love being around people, Libra, and often have a friends’ list and a social life that’s the envy of many. You are friendly and have mastered the art of balancing everything in life perfectly. While you value the company and friendship of people because of the love you have for them, you also have a deep rooted fear of being lonely. This is what you keep hidden from the world.

what do you hide from the worldScorpio

You are known for standing your ground and being true to yourself, Scorpio. This is why so many people turn to you when they want an honest answer. But at the same time, when it comes to your personal life, you like to keep it private. You don’t appreciate anyone’s intrusion in your private space - and more often than not, are not one who really likes taking advice. You like to follow only your own heart and mind. This is what you like to keep hidden from the world!

what do you hide from the worldSagittarius

You seek adventure, Sagittarius, and wish to experience life for what it really is. You often feel the itch to try something new and do something that you’ve never done before. You’re an honest lover and a true friend, but what you keep hidden from the world is that sometimes commitment can scare you! You like being the master of your own life and being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. So a commitment of any sort can be slightly scary. But this is something you like to keep far away from the knowledge of others!

what do you hide from the worldCapricorn

You are a perfectionist, Capricorn, and you don’t believe in stopping until you have achieved whatever it is that you’ve set your heart on. However, what you like to keep hidden from the world is how, at times, you feel like giving up too! You have high expectations from yourself, and when you’re not able to give something your absolute best, you feel disappointed and discouraged. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Capricorn. Your perseverance will ensure that you achieve many great things!

what do you hide from the worldAquarius

You, Aquarius, believe that every person has some good in them, which when nurtured can bring out the best in them. This is what makes you so tolerant and compassionate towards everyone you meet. However, what you like to keep hidden from the world is that you can actually be a rather detached individual. You may love people fiercely, but you don’t get easily attached or find yourself thinking that you can’t live without something or someone. You like to keep this a secret, though, so as to not hurt anyones’ feelings!

what do you hide from the worldPisces

You, Pisces, have a unique way of working through all of life’s troubles. Your vivid imagination sources all your creative ideas, and that’s how you make the mundane interesting. But what you like to keep hidden is that you don’t really like to hear any criticism about your work or lifestyle! While you are a sport in most matters, someone criticising your way of life is not something you appreciate.

what do you hide from the world

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Published on Feb 20, 2016
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