8 ADORABLE Things About Dating An Introvert!

8 ADORABLE Things About Dating An Introvert!
There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who walk up to you and strike a conversation, and the ones who smile at you from the corner of the room but probably never say a word. If you’ve fallen for the latter one, allow us to tell you what a great time you are in for! Here are 8 adorable things about dating an introvert. :-)

1. You’ve got yourself a listener!

Introverts have a way of listening to people talk that just makes the other person feel really understood. And isn’t that what all of us are looking for - someone who understands us?

1 dating an introvert

2. You’ll never have to deal with embarrassing public arguments!

All introverts passionately guard their personal space, and would never make a spectacle out of their personal affairs. Even if they don’t like something you said or did, they hold it in and address the issue only when you two have some privacy.

3. You’ll have intense discussions, but not silly fights!

Introverts usually have a strong filter between what they think and say, and do not really believe in outbursts or cutting remarks, even when they’re upset with someone. Long, intense discussions is more their thing, where they’d dissect a problem till they’ve figured a solution to it.

3 dating an introvert

4. You’ll feel special being among the very few people to know their secrets!

Whether it’s their lofty plans of world domination, or maybe just their sexcapades, the mere knowledge that you’re among the only three-odd people who’ll ever know about it will make you feel really special.


5. You know they won’t neglect you for other things!

It’s because when they hit it off with somebody, they make the effort to keep them really close since they enjoy intimacy way more than casual off-the-top-of-their-head kind of plans.

5 dating an introvert

6. You don’t constantly feel the need to “do” something with them!

And you’ll discover that being able to do nothing in the company of someone is among the greatest joys of life. Comfortable silence and closeness for the win!

7. You’ll discover so much more about yourself with them!

‘Coz they are the people who’ll tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself. When you becoming part of their world, you’ll start observing and admitting to things about yourself that you probably didn’t even realize earlier.

7 dating an introvert

8. They’re really interested in knowing you!

Once they open up to you, there is no stopping them! They don’t just want to know what you love to eat or wear, but also other important things like what inspires you, what scares you and what your dreams are!

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