what are you most passionate about

What Are You *Most* Passionate About? Your Zodiac Says...

Neha Gupta

Guest Contributor

We’re all passionate about something or another, but more often than not, the same things do not make us tick in equal measure. Here is what you feel most passionate about in life, according to your zodiac sign...


You are passionate about leading people and taking charge of every situation, Aries. You have a way with people that makes them believe in you, and follow your lead too. This is matched by your fearless attitude in life, which makes you ready to take on any challenge that may come your way. You get a kick out of being at the helm of the ship and steering it to victory.

what are you most passionate about


You, Taurus, are strong in your ability to persevere and relentlessly pursue whatever you desire. But on the inside, you are actually very passionate about the little things in life. You cherish small gestures or fleeting moments with loved ones above everything else!

what are you most passionate about


You’ve been gifted with a sharp mind, Gemini, and the one thing you continuously seek to do in life is to nourish it further, through intellectually stimulating conversations. You are passionate about learning new things in life, meeting new people and tasting every new flavour life has to offer!

what are you most passionate about


You have the power to internalize not just your own emotions, but those of people around you too, Cancer. This is why you feel their joys and worries more than other people are able to, and make sure that you leave them a lot more happier than when you met them. You are passionate about making the world a happier place, and often do your bit by trying to make people around you feel loved and cared for.

what are you most passionate about


You believe in yourself like no one else does, Leo. You are smart and confident and know that you can achieve anything you want in life, by sheer will power. You are passionate about making your mark in the world, and leaving a legacy behind - which is why you work to not just perform a task, but to excel in it in a way that it is worthy of praise.

what are you most passionate about


You are inquisitive and observant, Virgo, and always want to get to the bottom of things. Even though you have vast knowledge of the world, you are constantly seeking more to quench your own curiosity. You are passionate about learning new things and gaining more knowledge of as many subjects as you possibly can.

what are you most passionate about


You like to find a sense of balance in everything around you, Libra. You believe that peace and harmony are two important pillars that our world stands upon - and you try and make sure that they aren’t ever overlooked by you. You are passionate about finding the right kind of balance in everything you do!

what are you most passionate about


You are who you are, Scorpio, and you don’t feel the need to shy away from saying exactly what’s on your mind. You don’t believe in mixing or sugar coating your words and always present the truth as it is. Which is why you expect others to do so too - but when they fail, you relentlessly search for the truth. You are passionate about finding the truth of every matter - not only to reveal it, but for your own peace of mind too.

what are you most passionate about

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You have an optimistic outlook towards life, Sagittarius, and believe that real fun lies in constantly exploring the world. Your sense of adventure is unmatched and your one true passion in life is seeing and discovering new places. You often feel the need to pack your bags and escape the monotony of your daily routine to a place you’ve never been before!

what are you most passionate about


You are ambitious, Capricorn - and you do not rest till you’ve achieved whatever it is that you’ve set your sights on. You are passionate about your goals and giving them everything you have. You leave no stone unturned till you taste victory - and even then, you move on to setting a higher goal and working even harder to achieve it.

what are you most passionate about


You are a humanitarian, Aquarius, who truly believes that every person has some quality that makes them worthy of being loved. You are passionate about helping people, and are always trying to help them discover their strengths! You inspire all those around you to love themselves and treat others with kindness!

what are you most passionate about


You are fascinated by the universe, Pisces - and are rather curious about the many secrets you believe it holds. You live in a world of your own making, and are passionate about finding creative solutions to even everyday mundane things. You don’t just have a vivid imagination, but also have a deep faith in the magic of life!

what are you most passionate about

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Published on Feb 09, 2016
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