8 Simple Ways To Style That White Shirt To Look Amazing!

8 Simple Ways To Style That White Shirt To Look Amazing!

Every girl has at least one white shirt in her closet, and we store them in the hope that we’ll only bring them out for college presentations, formal occasions, interviews, etc. We show how you can style these classic favorites in more ways than just that! Wear it with skirts, leggings or shorts, but go ahead and experiment with it. Get that timeless piece out and create some magical outfits. Our team here shows us how they work with it to make it more interesting!

1. The Sunny Serenade!  

Ways To Style White Shirts Priyanka Gill, Founder & Editor-In-Chief Priyanka looks suave in the neat mesh circle skirt that she has paired with her white shirt! The delightful maroon pumps that she’s got on along with her oversized satchel and that sparkly necklace makes this outfit a superb pick for a brunch date! If going minimalistic with slight drama is your style, then you need to take inspiration from this outfit!

2. The Perfect Harmony!

Ways To Style White Shirts Priyanka Ghura, Beauty Editor Priyanka looks breezy and sharp at the same time in this ensemble that she’s put together! Her attitude seems carefree in those distressed denims, the pop colored satchel and those reflectors! To balance out the look, she’s wearing a printed blazer, an elegant watch and those block heels! We’d surely love to try this look just as it is!

3. The Retro Mood!

Ways To Style White Shirts Simar Rana, Senior Lifestyle Writer Simar loves wearing whites, and as seen here, she’s paired up her crisp white shirt with high waisted buttoned denim skirt and those vintage boots with fringes! She defines this retro look with simple silver hoop earrings! All those tiny details make us nostalgic and definitely teach us a thing or two about that 70's fashion!

4. The Relaxed Attitude!

Ways To Style White Shirts Ragini Kapoor, Account Manager For most of us, this combination seems like the best idea. It looks comfortable but yet so classy. Ragini loves to wear easy fitted shirts with leggings and slip-ons. She adds that dash of sparkle to this monochrome outfit by wearing a gorgeous embellished necklace! We love her attitude and we’d love to try this non-fussy look out, right?

5. The Urban Rendezvous!

Ways To Style White Shirts Pradipta Sarkar, Associate Editor Pradipta absolutely loves her sneakers, she experiments with them a lot! From a mini skirt to a blazer, she can manage to pull off any look in those! It leaves us wondering how she does that! For this one, she pairs that refined white shirt with those cute frill cuff details with a smart grey blazer and denims! Oooh, don’t forget to notice how she plays around with those delicate ethnic earrings! New In Story Banner 500px

6. The Groovy Charmer!

Ways To Style White Shirts Avisha Chaudhary, Social Media Coordinator Avisha loves mixing different styles and creates some amazing new looks! Here, she’s wearing a white shirt with a fitted denim skirt. The highlight of this outfit are those bold striped socks that she matches with those white block heels and bag. She is surely enterprising, especially with how she has transformed her simple white shirt!

7. The Prime Outlook!

Ways To Style White Shirts Anushree Sharma, Product Manager Girls, take cue from Anushree who shows us just how to reform your standard look for office with some simple tweaks. A pleated skirt with those sexy black pointed wedges! Dressing to work can be easy if we know where we can push the envelope a bit more. She tells us just how to dress elegantly and make that statement!

8. The Cheerful Gleam!

Ways To Style White Shirts Apurva Lama, Fashion Writer Apurva, our favorite style Diva  wears this light white shirt with a skort (skirt+shorts) on a day out discovering! She adds charm to her look by adorning her hair with a printed hairband and that fringe detailed bag! We also love that she kept the look fairly simple by only adding a hint of black at her feet! HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Summer Dresses In Winter?!? Team POPxo Shows You How! MUST-READ: 6 Ways To Mix ‘n’ Match: Team POPxo Shows You How!