7 Ways To Show Him That You Really Mean That “I’m Sorry!”

7 Ways To Show Him That You Really Mean That “I’m Sorry!”
When in a relationship, you have to be slightly careful about what you say to your partner. After all, you don’t want to hurt the person you love with your words! But there are obviously times when you say things you don’t mean - and other times when you forget to say what you actually do mean! If he’s upset about something you did or said to him, don’t just tell him you’re sorry. That’s easy. Show him that his feelings really matter to you by expressing your apology in a meaningful way!

1. By taking ownership of your actions!

We all act unlike our usual selves when we’re angry. But now that you’ve calmed down enough to realise that you hurt him by shouting at him or saying something kinda mean -  accept your mistake to him. Take it from us, he will be happy to let it go if he sees you’ve realised your own mistake!

2. By actually making a conscious effort not to make the same mistake again.

If you apologise to him just for the sake of it, he will know. If you actually do feel sorry about what happened, introspect and try to think of what you can change in your own behaviour - so as to make sure you don’t do the same thing again. Share what you discover with him too! It will make him feel that you really do want to work things out and are being sincere in your apology.

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3. By asking him to help you help him!

Let him know that you realise the gravity of your mistake and how much you’ve hurt him - and that you are ready to make it up to him! Trust us, knowing that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make him smile will melt away his anger.


4. By writing it out!

Yes, write him a letter instead of just sending him a text. Handwritten letters have an old world charm that’ll make him feel special and cared for. Write down all your feelings, no matter how confused they may be, and mention everything that went wrong and why. End it by telling him how much you love him! Take our word, it’ll work like magic.

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5. By the healing power of your touch!

Our body has a language of its own, and often speaks much more clearly than our words do. So when you’re apologising to him, make sure you look into his eyes, and face him. Hold his hand and give him a big hug - and, of course, mean what you’re saying. That will heal the hurt away.

6. By letting your actions do the talking!

Sometimes when a person is mad at someone, they could turn a deaf ear and not be willing to listen to anything anyone has to say. That’s when you have to try a little harder to make up! Surprise him with some of his favourite food or tickets to his favourite game. It’ll make him feel special - and he will definitely be more willing to hear you out!

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7. By not trying to put the blame on him!

We all tend to make an apology, and then follow it up with a list of things he did wrong too. Sometimes, we even try to make him feel guilty - or remind him of past situations where he too made a mistake. You only end up making matters worse by doing that - not to mention, your apology ends up sounding fake and for the heck of it. So avoid doing this and admit your fault without pointing out his! Let him realise his own errors, just like you did yours.  

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