Dear Boyfriend, Gifts I Wouldn't Mind This Valentine's! *Hint* | POPxo
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Dear Boyfriend, Gifts I Wouldn't Mind This Valentine's! *Hint*

Dear Boyfriend, Gifts I Wouldn't Mind This Valentine's! *Hint*

As much as I believe that you should spread love every day and not just on the 14th of February, I love being pampered on Valentine’s Day. It’s just one of those days when everyone around you is holding hands, there’s red hearts all over and I’m always in a cheery mood. So, my dear boyfriend, if you’re planning on surprising me on V-day, here’s a few ideas ;) Yes, I am a bit of a control freak!

1. Road Trips Are Way Too Much Fun

I love going on long drives and especially if I am accompanied by someone I love very much (and that's you!). We could pick up some of our favourite snacks and take off to someplace special. And even if it's just around the city, you don’t have to worry, because I’d go anywhere with you. 1. Valentines gifts for girls Road Trips

2. Movies Are My Lifeline

Sitting in a dimly-lit theatre, holding hands with you over my fav rom-com is my perfect idea of romance. It reminds me of the 90’s teeny-bopper films where the heroine would go on movie dates with her hero. Movie dates are simply perfect! Please keep tissues handy.

3. My Jewellery Box Isn’t Full Enough

I love pretty, dainty jewellery. Shiny baubles make me smile; there’s always space in my box for more, and it would be nice to have someone buy me some *wink*. I am currently crushing on the pretty Valentine’s collection from Caratlane. You listening, love? 3. Valentines gifts for girls Jewellery Box

4. I Also Find Joy In The Little Things

And if you feeling like you don’t have enough to afford my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. The thought counts. We could stay in, as long as you remember my fav movie. Or if you re-create our very first date. Or even take me for a walk in the park with a chocolate. I’d still love you the same.

5. Flowers Are So Overrated

The thing with flowers is, you can’t eat them. I like food. You can’t even wear them. What do I do with flowers? So, please don’t be like every other BF in the world and buy me flowers. I like them in gardens and that’s where they should stay. Except of course, when they come in the form of gold and diamonds ;-) 5. Valentines gifts for girls Flowers are overrated

6. And Chocolates Are So Underrated

On the other hand, I absolutely luuurve chocolate. I can’t get enough chocolate on a daily basis and chocolates on V-day will only make the 14th of February worth celebrating. What will make it even more special? Sharing chocolate with you (and that should tell you how much I love you *wink*).  * This is a sponsored post for Caratlane
Published on Feb 8, 2016
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