11 Signs to Know if a Guy Loves You!

11 Signs to Know if a Guy Loves You!
Love is a crazy, beautiful thing! But often, we begin to doubt or feel a bit apprehensive about whether or not the person we’re with really does love us. Have no fear, ladies, because we bring you some undeniable signs to truly know if a guy loves you.

1. He makes it clear that you’re a priority…

Whether it’s just to you in private, or in front of other people - he isn’t shy or embarrassed about making it evident that you’re his priority. You’re important to him, and he makes that very clear with his words and actions. This should answer the question - Does he love me?

2. He remembers even the little things you tell him…

He doesn’t just listen, but he also remembers the small things that you tell him. Whether it's random stuff about your day at work, or a new song you discovered and love. He pays attention when you’re talking! This is a great sign that he loves you!

signs he loves you 2

3. He has this special way of looking at you!

He looks at you the way he looks at no one else. His eyes do the talking as far as his feelings for you are concerned. And you’re not the only one who notices this. Everyone can tell that he looks at you with nothing but true love in his eyes! You need nothing else to know if a guy loves you!

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4. He really makes an effort with your friends and family…

Even the ones he doesn’t actually love. He knows that they’re important to you… And that’s enough of a reason for him to try and get along with them.

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5. He can’t help but show you affection… Even in public!

Doesn’t have to be full on PDA, but he likes to hold your hand or come give you a hug from the back even if you’re out with people. He just cannot keep his hands off of you for too long and this is enough for a sign that he loves you.

6. He values your opinion

He doesn’t just ask for your opinion, but also values it deeply. He takes what you have to say into consideration every time he needs to make an important decision - and he trusts your judgement.

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7. He wants you to be loved by the important people in his life…

He wants you to hang out with his friends, get along with his family and even be a favorite with his pet! He wants you to be around for a long, long time to come - and he wants everyone else who’s going to be a part of his life to love you too. Do you need anything else to know if he loves you?

8. He sees you for who you are… And never wants you to change.

He knows the real you like no one else does, and he adores you exactly that way. He never wants you to change anything about the way you are. He knows you’re your own person, and he respects that. All these are huge signs that he loves you!

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9. He is proud of all your achievements!

No matter how big or small. He treats your success like his own and never wastes an opportunity to tell the world just how proud he is of you!

10. He is extremely concerned about your feelings…

This is the best sign to know if he loves you. How you would feel about something is important to him. Whether it’s about a trip he’s taking with his friends, or something even work related. He thinks of you and your feelings for the smallest of things. Sometimes, even when he doesn’t really need to! But he can’t help it - he loves you and he wants you to be happy and smiling always. Even better if it’s because of him!

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11. He talks about long-term plans with you…

It doesn’t necessarily have to be about marriage. Maybe the two of you are far from that stage at the moment. But he talks about long-term plans and includes you like it’s just an obvious thing. This is the best sign that he loves you. Whether he’s talking about a trip he wants to take next year or his plans to buy a home in his dream city some day - you’re part of it all!

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