What Pad Should You Use When? Everything You Need To Know!

What Pad Should You Use When? Everything You Need To Know!

Every kind of sanitary napkin has something different to offer. They differ in size, shape, absorbency and material. The key here is to find a product that will work for you the best during that time of the month. To make this easier for you, we’re going to tell you the different types of sanitary napkins out there and the ideal time to use them. So, ladies, drop everything that you’re doing, and pay close attention, we say!

1. Panty Liners To The Rescue!

types of sanitary pads If you take a closer look at a panty liner, you will notice that in comparison to a regular pad, it is a lot smaller and thinner. These tiny napkins not only help by keeping you feeling fresh all day long down there but they also help you prepare yourself for surprise visits from Aunt Flo! They are normally used to absorb light period flow, post-intercourse discharge and vaginal discharge. An ideal time to use them are on the last days when your period is light or just when your period is about to start to avoid unwanted stains.

2. Pick A Pad Wisely

When it comes to settling on the right kind of pad you must pick one based on absorbency, shape, style and thickness. Thick pads are meant for heavy periods. You should be wearing them on the first couple of days during your period when your flow is the heaviest. On the 3rd or 4th day, you can then shift to a medium flow (or regular) napkins. They’re easily available at the chemist or you can simply buy them here!

3. Have A Good Night’s Sleep

types of sanitary pads Just before you hit the sack, make sure to wear an all-night pad. This pad is quite different from other pads. It’s designed to give you comfort as you toss and turn all night! It’s ultra-thin and is made from soft cotton material that keep the rashes at bay and ensures you sleep peacefully without waking up to any embarrassing stains.

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4. Going Back To Nature

The difference between industrial pads and organic pads is huge. While industrial pads are made from industrial cotton and absorbent gel, organic pads are made entirely out of organic cotton! Just like regular pads, organic pads follow almost the same drill. They cost pretty much the same as regular ones and come in 3 variants - light, regular and heavy flow. If you’ve been allergic to latex or suffered from rashes due to industrial pads, now is a good time to make the BIG switch! new app banner (pink)

5. Have You Tried Washable Cloth Pads Yet?

types of sanitary pads If you’d like to try a more environment-friendly option, then go old-school with cloth. Even 10-15 years ago, the pads that we use today weren’t easily available.  Most people used washable cloth pads. These pads were made from organic cotton and had wings attached as well. Depending on your usage and how well you take care of them, these babies can last for a really long time. The only troublesome part is that they need to be washed every day. If you can put that behind, nothing like it! You can either shop for them online or you can make them at home. Images: Shutterstock

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