7 Bollywood Movie “Romances” NO Girl Wants To Be In! *Phew*

7 Bollywood Movie “Romances” NO Girl Wants To Be In! *Phew*
There are times when Bollywood movies make us irrationally mad at our boyfriends for not making the cut as the “ideal” boyfriend. And then there are other times when we walk out of a movie hall feeling kind of glad that our real life love story is nothing like the fictional one we just saw! Here’s to the movies that make us feel happy about our love lives by showing us how bad someone else has it!

1. Cocktail

In the movie: Gautam breaks up with his girlfriend Veronica and then quite suddenly and quite irrevocably falls in love with her shy, soft spoken best friend Meera.

In real-life: We’re just glad men like Gautam don’t exist in real life, stereotyping the girls who love to party and the girls who stay at home - and counting that as the difference between who you eventually dump and who you get married to.

glad about real life love

2. Student Of The Year

In the movie: Rohan is dating Shanaya, but quite shamefully flirts around with other girls too - despite the many times she complains about it. In fact, he almost lives for the free massages and doting attention other women give him.

In real-life: Our guys really do put our needs above their own, and would never do anything that hurts us - at least not on purpose! And honestly, flirting so blatantly with other women? That’s just not even acceptable. Forget doing it repeatedly.

glad about real life love

3. Ishq Vishq

In the movie: Rajiv lies to his childhood friend Payal that he loves her only because he wants to go out on an “only couples’” trip with the popular group in college. Like that wasn’t enough, post the trip he goes on to date another popular girl in college, without caring a bit about the friend who’s always been there for him.

In real-life: We’re glad our guys are mature enough not to get into or out of a relationship just to keep up with everyone. They’re proud of who we are, and we matter to them more than what the world thinks about their love life!

glad about real life love

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4. Shuddh Desi Romance

In the movie: Raghu is commitment phobic and runs away from his wedding with Tara. He then moves in with Gayatri, and eventually decides to marry her - and she then runs away from her wedding with Raghu! Raghu then gets back with Tara but loves Gayatri no less, and is basically confused in life.

In real-life: We’re glad our relationships aren’t so messed up! And we aren’t just alternatives for our guys to go back and forth between as and when they desire.

glad about real life love

5. Raanjhanaa

In the movie: Sunder is crushing on and stalking Zoya since they were school kids - but he takes his stalking skills to the next level when he conspires to separate Zoya from the man she actually loves.

In real-life: We’re glad (most) guys understand that no means no! And not that we secretly want them to stalk us even more.

glad about real life love

6. Bachna Ae Haseeno

In the movie: Raj tells Mahi that he is in love with her, even though he isn’t, and after making promises to her, ghosts on her. He does the same to Radhika and ghosts her too. Then he meets the love of his life and realises the wrong he did to the other girls.

In real-life: We’re glad our guys didn’t go ghosting and making false promises to women they weren’t in love with, only because they didn’t know any better!

glad about real life love

7. Queen

In the movie: A day before they’re to be married, Vijay tells Rani that he can’t marry her, ‘coz after returning from London, he suddenly feels unsure about her and feels he deserves better.

In real-life: We’re glad Rani left him, and decided to live life on her own terms! Plus we’re also glad our boyfriends don’t intimidate us, restrict us, and look down upon us. In fact, they love us for who we are.

glad about real life love

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