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8 Times Bollywood Made Us (A Bit) Mad At Our Boyfriends!

8 Times Bollywood Made Us (A Bit) Mad At Our Boyfriends!

No one in this world does romance like our dear old Bollywood does. There’s a lot of drama, and too many people - but that’s how we like it! Especially when, in the midst of all this, the hero does something perfect for his girl. Truth be told, it makes us a teeny tiny bit mad at our own boyfriends!. Here are 8 times Bollywood raised our expectations a bit too much, and made us mad at our boyfriends!

1. When Raj and Simran happened - DDLJ

Because Raj is the kind of guy that dreams are made of! He is funny, charming, and obviously knows how to sing and dance. In fact, he is so charming that he manages to impress everyone in Simran’s family - even her super strict dad and her fiance! And oh, not to miss, he also keeps a fast for her long life. Now that’s breaking a stereotype, isn’t it?! No wonder he’s such a legend! bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends

2. When Jai raced to the airport (on a horse!) to stop Aditi from leaving the country forever - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

He couldn’t have cared less about the airport security when his heart and mind were only focused on stopping the girl he loves from leaving him. With the cops chasing him, he jumps, skips, breaks barriers, and ultimately pulls off the classic airport proposal - which ends with the two of them hugging and laughing on the floor. We want such grand gestures too! bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends

3. When Jagjinder Joginder went out of his way not just for Alia, but also her sister - Shaandaar

Because he knew that Alia’s sister means the world to her. Don’t we all want a guy who doesn’t just care about us but also about those who are special to us? Shahid sure did set a great example in Shaandaar, when he made Alia’s sister feel special and gave her that confidence boost that she really needed! Here’s requesting the guys in our lives to learn a few things from him. :P
bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends

4. When Krish proposed to Ananya’s entire family - 2 States

He just raised the bar for proposals to a level never touched before! Not only did he (obviously) propose to Ananya, but he also bought rings for Ananya’s mom, dad and brother - and also gave them a nice little proposal speech. He showed us how it’s absolutely possible to win over not just the girl’s heart, but also her family’s, for life! bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends POPxo Banner

5. When Bunny left his dream job for Naina - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Bunny stole even our hearts when he kissed Naina and told her that she was more important to him than the job he practically grew up dreaming about. It secretly made us want to give a little piece of our minds to our boyfriends, who sometimes, find it difficult to just take a few hours off of work for us! bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends

6. When Kabir jumped into the ocean to try and win Farah back - Dil Dhadakne Do

Would our boyfriends ever do something as dramatic to win us back if we ever got that upset and tried to walk away from them? Probably not! Because this sort of thing just doesn’t happen in real life! Although, we sometimes really wish it did. If Kabir could jump into the ocean for the love of his life, we’re sure our boyfriends could do something grand! Get creative, boys. bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends

7. When Arjun confessed his love to Aisha, in classic Romeo-Juliet style - Aisha

We can hardly forget how Arjun climbed a ladder to Aisha’s balcony and confessed his love for her while looking into her eyes. That’s the kind of story one tells their grandkids about! Dear boyfriends, are we really asking for too much? :P
bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends

8. When the dreamy Prince Vikram proposed to an angry Mili - Khoobsurat

Because he made all those fairytales with the dashing Prince Charming sound convincing and real. He may have messed up at first, but he did apologise and even take those paintball shots from her quietly in the end! After all, which girl doesn’t want the happily ever after fairytale ending?! bollywood made us mad at our boyfriends GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 9 Bollywood Facts That Will Surprise You. REALLY Surprise You! MUST-READ: #FilmyFashion: 5 ICONIC Bollywood Outfits You Can Rock Today!
Published on Feb 18, 2016
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