What We ALL Think When We Go To The Gym For The First Time!!

What We ALL Think When We Go To The Gym For The First Time!!
On day one of your brand new fitness regime, the gym seems a strange and exotic place to be, the gym-goers a species unto themselves, and exercise - even a simple 30-second plank - is a mountain to conquer. So when you hit the gym for the first time in your brand new gear and the ‘Just Do It’ attitude running across your mind, here’s a little list of all the thoughts you’re likely to experience!

1. Newbie? Who, me?

1. first time at the gym

“How does this machine start? Must be this button that says ‘start’. Hmm, now how do I increase my speed? Whoa - too fast, waaay to fast. MAKE IT STOP!!’

Our advice - just relax and ask someone for help. The gym personnel will be happy to help a newbie out. Soon enough, you’ll know how to operate each machine and will blend in like the rest of the gym rats!

2. Why Is Everyone SO Good Looking?

The first day might seem like you’re in a parallel universe of fitness. Everyone is clearly putting a lot of effort into maintaining their appearance. But take heart, you’ll soon be fit and foxy too. Now do your bicep curls quietly - oh look, that Ranveer Singh lookalike is taking his shirt off - act casual, ACT CASUAL!

3. No, I Don’t Want To Make Frandship With You

3. first time at the gym

For every super cool guy at the gym, there’s always a more enthu and less appealing version who thinks that the gym is THE perfect place to pick up chicks! Seriously bro, I’m sweaty, red, and grunting like a pig, I do not want to be conversing with you right now!

4. So Much Advice!

From the trainer on the floor to the pushy aunty on the stationary bike - everyone seems to have a truckload of advice to give you as you start your journey towards fitness. Rule of thumb - listen only to the experts (ie, people who are paid by the gym to help you out)!

5. Locker Room Horror!

5. first time at the gym

So you’ve wrapped up your workout and are looking forward to a quick, quiet shower. But wait - the locker room appears to be home to a kitty party in full swing. From gossipy aunties to gorgeous, judgy young girls who go strangely quiet when you start undressing. Ignoring them is the key - but why do they make it so damn hard?

6. Awkward Eye Contact Alert!

You’re flat on your back lifting your pelvis into the air to work on your glutes... and then... awkward eye contact is made. You sit on the inner thigh adductor machine opening and closing your legs as directed... and then... awkward eye contact is made. You’re bent over at the waist lifting weights... and guess what? Awkward eye contact is made. Moral of the story, NO AWKWARD EYE CONTACT TO BE MADE!

7. My Lack Of Fitness Is Embarrassing

7. first time at the gym

“Okay, I have been on the treadmill for 10 mins and I’m pooped! But the girl next to me has been running for 40 mins. Why am I even here, I can barely touch my toes! This one kilo weight is literally killing me right now.”

Getting fit isn’t easy. But you’re not the only one who’s struggling to get through the first week. All you need to do is hang on and not give up and you’ll soon be #betterforit. Take inspiration from a brand new series by NikeWomen: Margot vs Lily. A Better For It Production.
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