10 Things You’ll Get If You Can Never Control Your Laughter!

10 Things You’ll Get If You Can Never Control Your Laughter!
All the world’s a sitcom to you – no punch lines needed! You love to laugh – period. You are your very own laughter track and it’s the only way you know how to live life. This makes you both hated and loved in great amounts, right? Well if this description fits you, then get ready to relate...or laugh...whatever. :D

1. You have an absolute knack of laughing at the worst possible moment.

Ya, ya, we know – you just can’t help it right?!

love to laugh 1

2. This “trait” has gotten you in trouble at least once in life!

You didn’t mean to offend anyone, but the giggles escaped you before you knew it.

3. You were notorious for this in school!

Yes, a teacher has reprimanded you in front of the whole class. Actually, ALL your teachers have.

love to laugh 3

4. What makes matters worse is that you have such a recognizable laugh.

Everyone knows where that sound is coming from!

5. You just don’t understand how some people can be so serious all the time!

Like, looking at their face only makes you crack up.

love to laugh 5

6. People say it’s a defence mechanism and that you use laughter to suppress your real emotions!

Whatever, dude, the moment was frickin’ hilarious!


7. It’s not only about laughing at others...

You very well laugh at yourself all the time!

love to laugh 7

8. You just don’t understand why this bothers some people.

Are you jealous because I’m such a happy person?!

9. You either come across as super friendly or super mean!

This depends on what you’re laughing about at that given moment.

love to laugh 9

10. You really think the world could use more people like you.

*Laugh it off people, just laugh it all off!*

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