10 Things You’ll Get If You Have Just *Loads* Of Cousins!

10 Things You’ll Get If You Have Just *Loads* Of Cousins!
Your cousins are your best friends… In fact, sometimes you almost feel like you need no one else! It’s always fun when you’re with your cousins… And honestly, it’s hard not to have fun when there are so many of you! Here are a few things you’ll get if you have many, many cousins.

1. No family affair is ever dull…

Or small! There are a bunch of you, and no matter how big, small, fun or boring an event is supposed to be - you will always be entertained!

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2. There is always SO much to gossip about…

Come on, there has always got to be some gossip in a family that big!

3. You do not understand when people say they have no close cousins…

Like, what does that even mean? How is that even possible?!

many cousins

4. There is always some sort of excitement in the family…

Because at all given times, someone is either getting married, having a baby or at least graduating from school/ college.

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5. But sometimes, you also lose track of…who is who?!

Because not only do you have first cousins (who you are very close to), but you also have a bunch of second, third and fourth cousins. All of whose parents your parents are fairly close to.

many cousins

6. Your birthday is always special!

Because whether or not anyone else can make it, you know your cousins will. And that in itself is more than enough to make your day super fun.

7. You always got passed down some older cousins’ clothes when you were a child…

And now you pass down yours to your younger cousins!

many cousins

8. You knew about the stuff you weren’t supposed to know about much sooner than you should’ve!

Courtesy your older cousins - who really didn’t think much before talking about sex and other things in front of you much ahead of your time!

9. All other kids you knew - they knew that you guys were one unit

Let’s just say...if you went to the same school, no one would dare mess with you!

many cousins

10. Your cousins were your very first friends…

And they continue to be your best friends. You can live through anything in life if you have them by your side!

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