9 Things You’ll Get If You’ve Been In An *Almost* Relationship!

9 Things You’ll Get If You’ve Been In An *Almost* Relationship!
You like him, and you know he likes you too - even though you two may not have said so in words. You love being together, but don’t really want to or feel the need to put a label on it just yet. You’re floating in that space that lies between being single and being in a relationship. Here are 9 things you’ll get if you’re in an “almost” relationship...

1. You kind of expect a call from him every night!

And don’t really mind staying up all night, just giggling into the phone - talking about all things funny, silly, philosophical and of national importance!

almost relationship

2. You feel a little weird if you check your phone and realise he hasn’t sent you a text all day!

Because he usually always does. But then you quickly chide yourself for expecting him to - because it’s not like he is “supposed” to keep texting you. So you just go ahead and text him first yourself. No complications and all that.

3. You try to include him in all your plans - even the ones you make with your friends!

Because things are always so much more exciting when he’s around to laugh and give you all that extra and undivided attention. And your friends don’t mind it either - because you two don’t exactly behave like a typical lovey-dovey couple!

almost relationship

4. Your friends tease you to death with him, and embarrass you on purpose when he’s around!

However, secretly, you enjoy it al!

5. When someone asks you about your relationship status...

You usually blurt something like this out: Uhm. No, I am not really in a relationship… But there is this one guy... It’s nothing, actually.”

almost relationship

6. You haven’t set any boundaries for each other...

And that’s why you love it even more when he still only looks at you in a room full of pretty girls!


7. But if you do find him flirting with someone else, you have an involuntary minor heartbreak!

One where you don’t cry your eyes out, but you feel annoyed at the world - and especially him. But then, you quickly tell yourself to get over it because it never really was anything more than... something nice?

almost relationship

8. Although, you can’t help dreaming about what kissing him would feel like!

And in your head it’s always a perfect moment - where he holds you tight in his arms, and you have a once-in-a-lifetime kind of kiss!

9. It feels like the honeymoon that’ll never end!

Because you’re having so much fun! You’re excited about knowing what his next move might be - or whether you’ll ever be more.There is always a certain level of curiosity - which keeps it exciting!

almost relationship

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