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9 Things You NEVER Have To Deal With If He’s A Nice Guy!

9 Things You NEVER Have To Deal With If He’s A Nice Guy!
If you’re dating a really nice guy, no matter how hard you try, there are some things you will just not relate to. Because well, let’s be honest, he’s just so nice! Here are a few of those...

1. That “ghosting” is a real thing…

You know that thing some people do when they when they break up with the person they’re with by basically disappearing and never responding to their text messages or calls again? Oh right, you don’t.

2. That some guys actually do talk down to their girlfriends

That’s right. Some guys actually talk to their girlfriends as if they’re better than them - simply by virtue of being men. Something you definitely won’t get if you’re dating a nice guy!

dating a nice guy

3. That guys sometimes want you to be who they want you to be

“I love you for who you are, but could you change x, y, z things about yourself?” Huh??

4. That random sweet text messages in the middle of the day is not a real thing...

Uuuum… What?! No way! Your boy ALWAYS lets you know when he misses you.

dating a nice guy

5. That flirting with other women is supposed to be no big deal...

And that it may or may not be followed by, “But it’s healthy, honey.” You can now go ahead and give your nice guy a tight hug for never pulling weird stunts like that!


6. That honesty is not always the best policy...

And he probably “forgets” to tell you things all the time. Be honest, you want to thank your sweet boyfriend for telling you even the little things, don’t you?! :P

dating a nice guy

7. That some guys actually don’t make an effort with your friends and family… :o

You're thankful to the universe that your guy is not one of them!

8. That your satisfaction in bed may not be that important!

You're glad that that is SO not a situation you ever have to face. 

dating a nice guy

9. That some guys just don’t believe in apologizing... Ever!

You know how it is. Oh wait, you don’t! You lucky girl, you. :-)

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