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Dear Future Husband, 10 Things I’d Love More Than A Pretty Ring

Dear Future Husband, 10 Things I’d Love More Than A Pretty Ring
Dear Future Husband,

As much I would love and appreciate you for the beautiful proposal and the amazingly pretty ring, I hope you know that that is only the beginning. There is so much more that comes after... Here are a few things that I will appreciate much more than a fancy ring! I hope you read and remember this, always...

Love always,


1. Your loyalty…for life!

There is nothing that can match up to you being true to me for the rest of our lives. Remember that!

2. A sweet good morning text!

Or a nice warm good morning hug if we’re together!

things women want from their husbands

3. Your respect and appreciation

I hope you can respect me for who I am and what I do - and appreciate me for the effort I put into making you happy too. Nothing will be able to make up for the lack of these two things.

4. A well thought out love note…

Not all the time! But it would be nice to receive a heartfelt hand-written note from you just once in a blue moon. It doesn’t even need to be a full letter - just a note would suffice!

things women want from their husbands

5. Your time…

You can never compensate for not having time for someone you care about. I want to spend time with you… It’s what makes me happy. Much happier than any number of gifts ever can!

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6. You going out of your way to see me when I miss you like crazy!

If we’re apart and I’m missing you like crazy, come surprise me? No ring can give me the happiness that seeing you when I least expect it will!

things women want from their husbands

7. You helping me out around the house!

It is our house - and we both have an equal responsibility towards making it a home that we want to spend a large part of our lives in.

8. An occasional bunch of flowers… For no particular reason.

I like flowers. And I would like even more to get them from you. Not on a special occasion or anything - but just because you thought of me and wanted to give me flowers!

things women want from their husbands

9. Your patience towards me, even when I’m being (slightly) unreasonable

I know there will be times when I fight with you for silly or petty reasons, but I hope you can still be patient with me and try and understand what I’m really feeling!

10. You looking out and standing up for me even when I’m not around!

I know I’m a strong woman and can take care of myself and all that - but I still hope that if there ever comes a time that anyone talks crap about me in front of you, you will put them right in their place!

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