10 Things EVERY Girl Should Give Herself Credit For!

10 Things EVERY Girl Should Give Herself Credit For!
We’ve all got this bad habit of being a bit too hard on ourselves - without making it a point to match it up with adequate credit and compliments wherever they’re due. We fail to realise that while we’re waiting for the world to acknowledge our efforts, we’re denying ourselves of some much needed motivation. Here are 10 things we girls do not give ourselves enough credit for - but totally should!

1. For (almost) always looking presentable!

And that’s not as easy as it sounds. Apart from putting an entire look together and matching it up with appropriate accessories, we’ve also got to manage our tresses and perfect the winged eyeliner! That’s an every morning routine we do not skip, ‘coz whatever else we may be going through in life, we must put our best face forward.

2. For putting up with periods and PMS with a brave smile, every month!

Cramps are difficult, and have a way of putting off our mood with their arrival. And yet, we go on without complaining too much, and more often than not, without letting it affect our daily chores and responsibilities either.

things women should feel proud about

3. For regularly getting waxing and threading done!

Sharp, slick thread picking out tiny hair off of our face, or strips of wax tearing bouts of hair off our skin - now that’s some real pain-bearing power. And we do this at least twice a month. That’s twenty four times a year, ladies. *Slow clap*  

4. For getting over the men who didn’t value us enough.

It’s never easy to love and then let go, but it becomes even more difficult when you realise you are in a toxic relationship. Ladies, let’s give ourselves credit for being brave enough to leave relationships that held us back and for believing that we deserved better - even when at the time it did not feel so.

things women should feel proud about

5. For not letting the (sometimes subtle) gender prejudice get to us.

Even though things are beginning to change, and equality is not just being accepted but also exercised by many - we do witness some gender prejudices daily. And yet we rise above these sometimes subtle and at other times blatant prejudices, and do what we feel is right - without letting them bog us down.

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6. For balancing work and relationships so well.

We know how to keep our personal and professional lives separate, and seamlessly switch back and forth from one to another. We’re just as committed to our work as we are towards our family and friends - and this balance that we maintain in all walks of our life is unmatched.

things women should feel proud about

7. For living up to the expectations of society, and yet challenging them at every step.

In some parts of society, women are still expected to be the homemaker, even if they also want to step out and work. Without ever slacking in our responsibilities towards our homes and families, we are challenging the norms of society and breaking stereotypes!

8. For believing in fairytales...

Because you have to believe in magic to live it, and more importantly, you have to hope that happy endings exist and that love really is all that our world needs! For without belief, there is no hope - and without hope, there really is nothing.

things women should feel proud about

9. For giving up little things from our former lives when we get married, without any complaints!

It’s not easy to pack our lives in a few bags and move into a new home with a new family. And yet, we adjust into our new role as a wife and a daughter-in-law when we get married. We do it gracefully, like we had never left our parents and have always been here.

10. For being emotional.

Contrary to what people will have you believe, it is important to feel and live through the myriad emotions we have been blessed with - instead of trying to suppress them. They are expressions of our everyday lives - and we women don’t just know how to use them to express ourselves, but also to understand others when they can’t use words to convey happiness or pain.

things women should feel proud about

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