10 Things Every Girl In Her 20s Should ALWAYS Remember!

10 Things Every Girl In Her 20s Should ALWAYS Remember!
They aren’t called “the turbulent twenties” for nothing, are they? Filled with their own share of ups and downs, heartache and tough decisions – our twenties are a journey of self discovery. Sure, sometimes they cause you to feel a bit disillusioned and lost; but here are some (pretty darn important) things to remind yourself when you feel that way.

1. You’re not the only one!

This has to be the most important point, and so we chose to begin with it. Even though you may feel lost and lonely at times, remember that so do others around you. You don’t know the struggles that others are going through; and while they may not be the same as yours, we can assure you that they are still real!

things to remember in your 20s

2. The road ahead is long

When we are in our twenties, the pressure of “adulting” gets to the best of us. Suddenly, each decision seems important and life altering. What we need to remember at a time like this is that we still have a long way to go. An entire chunk of our life is still waiting to happen!

3. Fortune favours the brave!

Heard this saying before? Well, we totally believe in this. Don’t be the kind of person who sees the worst in every situation. Be brave, be bold and expect life to reward you. Change your thinking, and soon you’ll find things are truly starting to go your way!

things to remember in your 20s

4. Nothing lasts forever

This is both good news and bad news, but it’s so very true: Nothing lasts forever! So in case you’re going through something tough, just know that it’s only a phase. It will inevitably change just as the seasons do – that’s the course of nature.


5. Mistakes are stepping stones to success

Ugh! Feel like punching ourselves for being so cliché. But you know the thing about clichés right? They are labelled that because they are true! Make mistakes and try things – that’s the only way you’ll grow. You either try or you fail. There’s no in between.

things to remember in your 20s

6. Time heals all wounds

Even though it feels like your broken heart will never heal – trust us, it will. And it will learn to love again, perhaps even more than you ever would have imagined.

7. Happiness is a choice

Our twenties are the first taste we get of real life. Even though life is not easy, we have to learn to make the most of it. Happiness is not some destination you need to keep chasing. Happiness is a choice. You need to choose it, every single day, for the rest of your life.

things to remember in your 20s

8. Hold on to your dreams

When we were little kids, we thought older people had it all. We couldn’t wait to grow up! Now we think that’s completely ridiculous, right? No one “has it all”. Just because you’re older now, doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams! Look around you. There are plenty of stories of people who struggled early in life and overcame those struggles to find love, success and happiness. Hold on to those dreams, we say!

9. You’re going to look back at these days and laugh!

Trust us on this one. No matter how horrible things may seem at this moment, at some point in your life you’re going to look back fondly at this time and maybe even refer to it as “the good old days”.

things to remember in your 20s

10.  Some of the best days of our lives are yet to come

What a beautiful thought that is, isn’t it? Maybe you are still to meet the man you’re going to marry. Maybe you’re still to launch your dream venture. Maybe you’re still to become a proud mother. All of these are pretty incredible moments right?! So wait for them. And enjoy the ride while you do! Don’t put so much pressure on your twenties. Enjoy them while they are around. And remember – today is the oldest you’ll ever be and the youngest you’ll ever be again!

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