17 Things To Put On Your Sex Bucket List!

17 Things To Put On Your Sex Bucket List!
Have you ever made a bucket list before? You know, that good old list where you put down  everything you want to do before you die? Ever made a sex bucket list?! Here’s one to-do list we’re sure you won’t waste anytime checking things off of! After all, it’s a great way to motivate yourself and keep things spiced up in your love life! Read on to see how many of these babies you’ve checked off so far…

1. Skinny dipping

… Ever dared to go bare with bae in the water?! It could be very liberating!

sex bucket list

2. The edible underwear!

… Oh, it’s sticky alright, but it makes everything taste a whole lot sweeter! If you know what we mean. ;)

3. Get busy on a water bed

… We’re sure you’ve watched enough movies to know what this looks like. Just do not wear stilettos!!

4. Get handsy with those props!

… Who said props were just for the stage? Just go ahead and use whatever takes your fancy - a feather, a toy, those handcuffs...

sex bucket list

5. Playing it hot and cold

… Some hot (chocolate) sauce or cold ice, maybe?! Switch it up and get creative!

6. Sex on the beach

… Oh, the good ol’ cliche! But it’s gotta be there on the list! Time for some sandy fun. ;-)

7. Join the Mile High Club

… Yep, that famed “aeroplane sex” club. Because, seriously, what better way to find out if it actually exists?!

sex bucket list

8. A quickie - wherever you please!

… Forget about where you are. Find a nice little isolated place and go for it. Something oddly satisfying about being a girl on the go - who still knows when and where to get it on!



… Loose all inhibition and just let free! Best. Thing. Ever.

10. Watch porn with your partner!

… And they said education wasn’t fun!! :P

sex bucket list

11. Serve yourself up as dessert

…  How about putting some of his favourite dessert on yourself, and letting him, uum, eat it off? Like Samantha from Sex And The City (except without the raw fish!)!

12. Good cop, bad cop

… Some like it sweet, some like it less than gentle. Find out if your guy likes a bad cop or a good cop! Yes, bring out those handcuffs!

13. Strip poker

… Or a “strip” variation of a game you can actually play - like Strip Monopoly or Strip Charades!

sex bucket list

14. Lingerie, lead the way

… Buy super expensive, sexy, sultry lingerie and see what it does to your senses (and his)!

15. All lights on you...

… Have sex with all the lights on! Rock that body, girl!

16. Have some fun with roleplay

… Be who you want to be (or who you don’t!)!

sex bucket list

17. Have MULTIPLE orgasms

… Like they say, it may be the last, but it is certainly not the least important thing on this list - or any other!

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