11 Questions You MUST Ask Your Hair & Makeup Artist!

11 Questions You MUST Ask Your Hair & Makeup Artist!

Your hair and makeup artist defines your look on the wedding day. They add that extra bit of glow to your face and just the right amount of bounce to your hair. They give you that final bridal makeover as you get ready to walk down the aisle. And, of course, pretty makes for pretty pictures! All this shows how very important their role is. Here are 11 things you need to be sure of when booking your hair and wedding makeup artist.

1. The brands they use

Quality comes first in makeup and hair products. You have to be sure the artist is using the best and the most trusted brands on your skin and hair. Good quality products last longer, do not harm your skin and even look better when applied. Pick brands that suit your skin. Also find out if they can arrange for special products in case you have a skin allergy and do ask them to use heat-resistant sprays before working on your hair. wedding makeup artist

2. What’s their specialisation?

Pick a makeup and hair artist depending on whether they specialise in day or night looks. Opt for someone who specialises in natural makeup if you're going for a day look, and for the night it should be someone who is great at highlighting, contouring and working with darker shades in general.

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3. It’s all about the money…

Well obviously, your artist needs to fall in your budget. A little up and down works but do keep in mind other costs too. Will they require you to arrange for transportation? If it’s an outstation wedding, is the stay included in the fees or not? Will they charge you for hair accessories? You must have a final figure from the artist before the wedding.

4. How big is the team?

For a bridal assignment, there should be three people in the team. One for makeup, one for hair and a third assistant for draping. So ask them who’s coming over and who does what so that you get all the services. wedding makeup artist

5. What about your family?!

Your mum, sister, bestie and bhabis all need professional help to get ready for the big day! Find out from your artist if they have assistants to dress up your bridal party. A packaged deal always comes cheaper!

6. Are they seeing someone else?

Do they have more brides to work on the same day? Or another event commitment? If your makeup artist has his/her hands full on your day, they might do a hurried job. When my sister got married, her makeup artist had 4 other bridal appointments! One look at all the other brides at her salon and we realized that all four had the exact same makeup and juda. Despite having different complexions, features and face cuts, they all looked the same!

7. Facebook to the rescue!

Before you go ahead and book someone, do take a look at their FB or Insta accounts. It’ll give you a good idea of the sort of work they’ve been doing and you could even browse through reviews and comments to get a better understanding. Ask them for their portfolio, if required. Get references from people they have worked with. This really helps since you get a first-hand account of what they're like, how good or bad they are, and if they're easy to work with. wedding makeup artist

8. DO insist on a trial

It’s a must! You can’t judge a book by its cover. So a trial run is a must. Do the products suit your skin type? Is he/she delivering to your expectations? You’ll even learn if the person is easy to work with or not. Are they open to suggestions or are they trying to impose things on you? Check your makeup under soft yellow light and do click a few pictures to see how it looks in photos. Do not wipe it off immediately so you can find out whether it runs or not. new_in_story_banner_500px_480

9. What about the hair accessories?

While your passa and maangtikka is definitely on you, many artists do provide basics like fancy judapins or clips. Also find out if they’ll be able to arrange flowers if your hairstyle demands it.

10. Open to discussion?

Is it just about the wedding day or is the artist ready to invest time and effort before that too? Are they fine with you sending them hair inspirations? Can they make time to have a look at your outfit? Are they ready to guide you on some basic skin care regime that you must follow? wedding makeup artist

11. Where’s the backup?

Anyone can fall ill or have a family emergency. This actually happened at my friend’s wedding! And the backup makeup artist sent didn't do a great job. So, do find out who the backup would be and make sure you’re satisfied with his/her’s skills. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Every Bride NEEDS To Ask Her Makeup Artist These 7 Questions! MUST-READ: STOP! 10 Makeup Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wedding Day Look!