10 Things That Happen At Every Sangeet Dance Practice!

10 Things That Happen At Every Sangeet Dance Practice!
I have been to my fair share of weddings this year and you know what was the one thing that was common in all? The extensive and oh-so-competitive dance practice sessions. From London Thumakda to Lean On and Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, I have danced on them all. If you too have been going to these sangeet dance practice sessions, you will totally agree with each of these.

1. The bride creates multiple WhatsApp groups.

One with the friends, one for the family and cousins, another one with the fiance and the choreographer. Every day, about 120 messages are exchanged on all these groups!

sangeet dance practice 1

2. Scheduling the practice session requires a management degree.

Friend A: “I can’t come on Saturday, let’s practice on Friday, na!”

Friend B: “I’m working on Friday!”

Friend C: “I want to dance too!” (Never turns up even for a single practice.)

3. There is always one person who misses every practice but turns up on the last day to learn it all in one go.

This friend also gets stage fright and needs extra help (read shots!) before the big performance.

4. The bride has multiple minor panic attacks when someone forgets the steps or misses the practices.

sangeet dance practice 4

5. There is a massive amount of brainstorming on how to ‘beat’ the other side.

A lot of time is spent on finding out the songs they are performing on.


6. There is always that one person who gets all the steps right in the first attempt and then ends up being the ‘other choreographer’.

7. There is a group of people who only come for the booze and partying, and not really for the dance.

Their sangeet day dance moves are nothing like the actual steps!

sangeet dance practice 7

8. There is always that one friend who has two left feet and needs a LOT of moral support.

Their performance on Kajra Re ends up being the most talked about on sangeet day!

9. You search for hilarious songs on YouTube and try to copy the steps.

These are the videos that are Snapchatted the most :D

10. Lots of videos are made and sent to everyone for ‘practice’.

Basically to laugh at the hilarious in-progress sessions!

sangeet dance practice 10

Despite it all, sangeet dance practice sessions are the most fun part of wedding preparations and mark the beginning of wedding celebrations!

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