7 Surprising Things That Might Be Making Your Periods Irregular

7 Surprising Things That Might Be Making Your Periods Irregular
Can you never be sure about when your period will show up? Have you noticed anything different about your period lately? It can become longer, shorter, heavier, lighter or less or more frequent without you even realizing it. Pay attention to it to make sure there aren’t any major changes, because there are plenty of everyday things that can mess with your menstrual cycle. Find out the reason behind your irregular period to help address the situation stat. Read on to get to know your monthly flow better.

1. A Boozy Situation

things that affect your period

Those boozy nights can have more of an effect than just a hangover. Believe it or not, but a few drinks can also sometimes disturb your cycle. Alcohol can increase the levels of estrogen and testosterone, which can temporarily disrupt the cycle and cause irregularities. If your period has suddenly become erratic than you may want to put down that glass of wine.

2. Body Weight

Sudden weight loss or weight gain can throw your hormones off balance, which in turn affects ovulation. Being overweight can cause excessive levels of estrogen and being underweight can lead to not enough estrogen produced. Both ways, your cycle is seriously affected.

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3. Get Some Sleep, Please

things that affect your period

Not getting enough sleep or an irregular sleep pattern won’t just have you yawning at work all day but is also related to your period. Not getting enough shuteye can result in a longer period and irregularities because it disrupts your body’s daily functioning. Go on and snooze, you need it!

4. Excessive Exercise

Have you suddenly become super dedicated to your workouts? Are you addicted to fitness or losing weight? Too much vigorous exercise can put stress on your body and slow down or temporarily stop the production of reproductive hormones, which basically shuts down your period. So slow down, it’s not fitness if it’s messing with your health.

5. A Major Stressor

things that affect your period

You’ve probably heard that stress can really disrupt your cycle but only if it’s something major. Don’t worry, the struggles of daily life won’t affect your period, we mean something major. The death of a loved one, an illness, a serious breakup – stress messes with your health in many ways and your cycle is one of them because it affects the production of important hormones. This can cause erratic periods temporarily.

6. The Pill

Birth control pills are commonly prescribed to regulate your period and help make it more predictable. But if you’ve just started the pill then there could be fluctuations till your body adjusts to it. Spotting can occur in between periods for the first 2 or 3 months till your cycle is regulated. Make sure to take the pill at the same time every day to stabilize hormones and the lining of your uterus.

7. Smokey Smokerson

things that affect your period

Aside from all the other health risks, did you know that women who smoke experience worse PMS? Yikes! Smoking (especially if you started young) messes with the levels of reproductive hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and can cause short or irregular periods. Horrible PMS should be reason enough to kick the butt, right?!

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