12 Things We Bet You’ll Hear At Your Sister’s Wedding!

12 Things We Bet You’ll Hear At Your Sister’s Wedding!
First, let’s establish one thing – people say the darndest things! And if your sister is getting married, be ready to be at the receiving end of many of these. You have only two options: either grin and bear it, or turn into The Hulk and destroy them all. Since you’re the sister of the bride, we sincerely suggest you go with the former. You can of course retort however you please in your mind. *evil grin*

1. So, it’s your turn next!

And who in the world left that decision up to you?

sister's wedding 1

2. Is it your turn next?

Why should I tell you? :P

3. When will it be your turn?

Your guess is as good as mine, aunty!

sister's wedding 2

4. Do you want me to make you meet some good boys?

Nahin ji, I’m only into bad boys!

5. Look at your cousin Minni, she’s younger than you and she’s getting married.

It’s okay, we all make mistakes! Minni is only human, after all.

sister's wedding 3

6. Get married soon so that we can all have a family get together again.

How are you so sure you’re going to be invited?


7. When it’s your turn, make it a destination wedding.

Are you paying for it? Then sure, great idea!

sister's wedding4

8. You are going to be so lonely without your sister.

Thank you *so* much for reminding me – it wasn’t on my mind at all.

9. Your parents can now focus on you completely.

I really have no clue how to respond to that. It’s honestly the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

sister's wedding5

10. Why are you so career-minded?

Why are YOU so nosy?

11. Get married now; there will be plenty of time to study later.

Ah! Sound advice from the most career-oriented person I know. NOT.

sister's wedding6

12. Did you find anyone interesting at this shaadi?

Yup, the bartender!

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