13 Things ONLY Sisters Understand About Each Other!

13 Things ONLY Sisters Understand About Each Other!
Having a sister is the best thing in the world! The two of you share a bond of love and togetherness that no one can ever compete with. She’s your soulmate and obviously knows every detail of your life. The best part - when you’re with her, you can be you! Here are 13 things only you and your sister will understand about each other!

1. She may call you funny names and sometimes even pull your leg - but you never hold it against her!

That’s because she’s your sister and your best friend - you love her with all your heart!

2. Whenever you post a new picture on Facebook or Instagram, she has to be one of the first people to like it!

And vice versa! ;)

things only sisters understand

3. You can fart and burp in front of her like no one’s watching - and she doesn’t mind it all!

The comfort level between the two of you is too damn high!

4. Before you even say anything, she already knows what you’re thinking!

It’s telepathy! You’re able to read each other’s thoughts and emotions with just a single glance!

things only sisters understand

5. No matter how bad you screw up, she’ll always have your back.

She cares way too much about you to ever let you get into any serious trouble.

6. Your closet is her closet, and her closet is yours!

You have nothing to be mad about, because you borrow her clothes too. ;)

things only sisters understand

7. She can always immediately tell when you’re lying!

But most of the time, she covers up for you if you ever get caught. You owe her your life for this one!

8. She is always SO happy when good things happen to you.

Your happiness is her happiness as well!

things only sisters understand

9. She knows your deepest, darkest and most embarrassing secrets!

But you know that she would never tell a soul about them - in fact, she’d rather take a bullet!

10. You’re never entirely bored at family functions...

Because, well, you have each other to gossip with and complain to!

things only sisters understand

11. You can talk to her about your problems over and over - and she’ll patiently hear you out each time.

By now, she knows everything about that new girl in your class who’s getting on your nerves - although she hasn’t even met her yet!

12. You have your own line of never-ending inside jokes!

Admit it! She makes you laugh the loudest and hardest when she cracks one of those lame jokes.

things only sisters understand

13. She troubles you, and you love to annoy her all the time

But if anyone else messes with either one of you, they’ve had it. The other shall not spare them!

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