7 Things You Should *Avoid* Doing Before Having Sex!

7 Things You Should *Avoid* Doing Before Having Sex!
There are quite a few things you can do before having sex that can enhance the experience for you. But did you know that there are some things you might want to avoid doing as well? Here are a few that you might want to consider!

1. Waxing/ Shaving

Waxing or shaving your bikini area right before sex can cause you a lot of irritations. We know these situations aren't always pre-planned, but try and give yourself a gap of 24 hours between both the activities.

2. Drinking Too Much

Alcohol consumption helps lower your inhibitions and gets you to loosen up a bit, sure. Takes care of those nerves too! But excessive amounts of it can actually make you quite dry down there and spoil the mood as well. It's unpredictable and you should keep that in mind!

 things not to do before sex

3. Worrying About Looks

Hey, you're about to have sex. Don't worry yourself into a tizzy thinking about how you look or if you're wearing the right lingerie. Stress can be a big mood killer and can seriously affect your chances of having an orgasm or even enjoying the experience.


4. A Big Meal

You know how every time you have an amazingly full meal, all you want to do is curl up and go to sleep? Remember that feeling when you're eating right before having sex! So avoid food with excessive amounts of carbs or fats.

things not to do before sex

5. Energy Drinks

Yes, the ads will have you believe that they might be right what you need for some marathon sex, but don't fall for that! They have really high levels of sugar which manages to give you a high, but the crash after a while is equally bad. You'll end up way more exhausted than you could have imagined.

6. Fights With Your Partner

We know that make-up sex is a thing. It's a great thing. But having sex when you're in the middle of an unresolved fight can leave you with mixed feelings about tons of things. So conclude that argument before jumping to the make-up sex! It'll make a difference not just to the physical experience but your intimacy levels too.

 things not to do before sex

7. Using too much perfume

We know you want to smell good. That's a great practice! But spraying too much of it right before getting down to business can be quite off-putting for your partner. You want to smell fresh but not like a perfume store, right? ;-)

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