#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Say That Turn Us On... Instantly!

#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Say That Turn Us On... Instantly!
There are things that you girls do that turn us on. And there are things that you say that do the same. Sometimes, that happens even when the conversation isn’t strictly “sexy”... Ladies in our lives, you have the power!

1. You saying the words “blow job”. In any context.

Even if it's a discussion about some arty movie. We can't help but recreate the scenario in our imagination - starring you and us!

turn guys on 1

2. Or you saying you aren't wearing lingerie under your clothes...

Even if that's completely untrue. There's now an image in our heads of you sans underwear. Done.

3. Actually, just any kind of statement that implies you’re naked.

“What are you up to?” we ask. “Just stepped out of the shower,” you say. And you have us cursing our stars for not being there to help you dry off.

4. And any mention of boobs, of course.

Doesn't matter if what you're actually talking about is a bra not fitting right. Those bras have all the luck, dammit!

turn guys on 4


5. You simply saying that you’re thinking about something naughty.

“What IS it? Tell me more!”


6. A casual (but pleased) response to the last time we did it...

If you say “Yeah, that was really great!” - we are quite ready, then and there, to try and improve the situation so that the next time you can say: “Yeah, that was the best!”

7. That near-orgasmic sound you make when you’re eating something delicious…

Yes, we know you aren’t actually saying anything, just enjoying your food. But while you’re thinking “Yum, sizzling brownie with chocolate sauce”, we’re thinking “Yum, orgasm!”

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