9 Things EVERY Girl Does In A Relationship (Without Realizing!)

9 Things EVERY Girl Does In A Relationship (Without Realizing!)
There are things you do deliberately, and then there are things you do without even realising that you’re doing them. Here are a few things every girl in a relationship does, without really realising it!

1. Fantasize about the future!

Even if you absolutely deny it, you have caught yourself daydreaming about what it’ll be like spending the rest of your life with him - at least once!

2. Always, always, hog most of the space on the bed…

The bed is 90% yours and 10% his. So what if his bum is basically half off the bed. You just want to cuddle!

2 relationship mistakes girls make

3. Look to her boyfriend for support if she ever gets into a debate with anyone on a social issue…

Even if he might have a completely different take on the topic!

4. Like everything he posts on social media!

Well, why not? It’s nice to show each other some support!

4 relationship mistakes girls make

5. Sometimes get jealous of his girl friends!

You could be totally chill and maybe even friends with them - but you do sometimes find yourself getting annoyed when you see him be super pally with other girls!

6. Talk to her boyfriend in a baby voice!

Think about it, you’ve definitely done it at least once. Without even realizing it!

6 relationship mistakes girls make

7. Kinda sorta reserve weekends for the boyfriend

Or at least wait to know his plans before making other plans that don’t involve him!

8. Feel completely comfortable in his clothes…

Probably more comfortable than your own sometimes. They’re just so comfy!

8 relationship mistakes girls make

9. Talk to him about…everything!

Yes, sometimes, even the stuff that your best friend tells you! You know it’s true! #GuiltyAsCharged

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