17 Things EVERY Girl In A Long Distance Relationship Will Get!

17 Things EVERY Girl In A Long Distance Relationship Will Get!
A long distance relationship isn’t an easy thing to pull off! While the anticipation of meeting is super-sweet, the longing and yearning is quite heart-wrenching. Here's a list of things every girl in a long distance relationship will get.

1. Rule No. 1 – Don't forget!

In an LDR, a "Goodnight" and a "Good morning" text or a call from him is absolutely necessary every day. This is how we start and end our day!

2. Call in five?

Your phone is full of staying-in-touch apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. And you spend hours video-calling him.

Long distance relationship

3. So many emojis!

Emojis are your new best friends and you have a personal favorite emoji as well.

4. The damned distance

You curse the distance at least once a day.

Long Distance relationship

5. What razor?

You can totally take a break from being hair-free all the time. (Wink wink!)

6. I miss you...

You long to touch your significant other and hear their voice every waking second.

Long distance relationship

7. “Which one do you like more? The black one or the purple one?”

When you go shopping, you send him pictures of everything you've tried on and eagerly wait for his opinion or approval.

8. Tickets?

You constantly make plans for the next time you will meet... And then count the days till you do.

Long distance relationship

9. Stop arguing! I've got gossip!

When you have a fight with him, you make up with him as soon as possible because there is always so much to tell!

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10. Aren't you forgetting something?

No "I love you" text on a day could quite possibly unleash your wrath.

Long Distance relationship

11. The pain. The unbearable pain!

You have Bollywood-type breakdowns every now and then.

12. Dear love of my life...

You still compose elaborate love letters for him and blush while doing so.

Long distance relationship

13. He loves me a lot!

You learn how to fight the little insecurities that creep in every once in a while.

14. You’re jealous of other couples who get to be together whenever they want!

Sometimes, when you see a couple walking down the street, their fingers entwined with each other’s, you want to go throw a fit. Oh yeah, the jealousy is real.

Long distance relationship

15. I wish you were here…

Everything, literally everything, reminds you of him!

16. Make space on your phone for me!

You send pictures of everything and tell him everything.

Long distance relationship

17. He makes the world a brighter place.

Every day you realize that the distance won't make your heart stop beating for him and that he's the best thing that's ever happened to you!

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