#HeSays: What Guys *Really* Think About Foreplay!

#HeSays: What Guys *Really* Think About Foreplay!
We know that women think men don't enjoy foreplay and can't wait to get to the "real play". And we won't completely deny that because on occasion we can be a bit impatient. But that doesn't necessarily mean we hate it either, because we DO enjoy it, in the right…quantity. Here's what we really think of and during foreplay!

1. Sexy time!

2. Oh. Not sexy time yet?

3. OH. It's the pre-sexy-time time.

men and foreplay

4. Which will basically decide if I do get some sexy time.

5. But this is fun too, I can enjoy foreplay.

6. Exactly how long do we have to do this, though?

men and foreplay

7. I mean, is it acceptable if I try moving it along after 5 minutes?

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8. Okay, no, it's quality instead of quantity, right?

9. So more focus, less distraction.

men and foreplay

10. Wait, this is actually a lot of fun.

11. But why is this bra so complicated?! Where's the bloody hook?!


men and foreplay

13. Hmm, she's REALLY getting into this.

14. Is now the right time to….

15. Yup. Yuppp, it is. *Smirk*

men and foreplay

16. SO worth it.

17. I'm ACING this foreplay business!

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